Meatless Monday to start on January 23!

Pioneer Hall will serve an all-vegetarian meal for lunch on January 23 and 30. If you live in the residence halls at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, be sure to check it out and give positive feedback!

Following our successful campaign last semester, students living in the dorms will enjoy an all vegetarian lunch. University Dining Services is having the all-veg lunch for just two weeks to test it out. We need your help to make sure it continues. Here's what you can do:

  • If you live in the dorms, go to Pioneer Hall with a friend on January 23 and 30. Try out the food and let UDS know you want it to continue. You can fill out a comment card, call them at 612-626-7626, email them, or post on their Facebook page.
  • If you know somebody who lives in a residence hall, tell them about Meatless Monday and encourage them to check it out.
  • Everybody can help by spreading the word about CAA's successful campaign, choosing to eat meatless on Mondays, and spreading the word about the growing movement to eat less meat.

Thanks to University Dining Services for making Meatless Monday a reality!

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