My Ongoing Experience with Leafleting

Please read an account of a volunteer's first experience with handing out leaflets to educated the public about the cruelties of animal agriculture and vegetarianism.

After acknowledging that it was time for me to include as an ongoing commitment in my life–campaigning for farm animals after witnessing the horrors of factory farming–I was looking for ways of how can I get this message out to the population in general. And fast! My general thought at the time was that we need to get help for these animals as quickly as possible!

After doing extensive research on the Internet, I joined Compassionate Action for Animals and eagerly inquired as to what were some of the very effective ways of getting information out to the general public, of which I find out that I could be a volunteer leafleter! What a great way to get the information out there and fast, just the very thing that I was looking for!

The opportunity to leaflet on behalf of the farm animals and others in general without a doubt is a must in my life. It is very hard for me to acknowledge that the cruelty of factory farming is a reality in today's world. However, the good news is if I can pass out the word regarding the plight of the farm animals, then there are a thousand others that can do the same. These thousand others will turn into hundreds of thousands, of which with each piece of information that gets out there, a farm animal's life will be saved and hopefully the cruelty that is imposed on these animals will be wiped out completely.

On my very first day of leafleting at a local college campus, I was apprehensive but at the same time very excited about the opportunity to get the information out regarding the plight of farm animals. Once I started passing out the leaflets, it was good to see that the general public out there was very responsive when the subject matter of helping farm animals was brought up. The fact that people eagerly accepted the leaflets after I mentioned the words "farm animals" really did not surprise me: what person out there would say "no" to the question regarding helping farm animals? And the answer is, I am happy to report, not very many! Interestingly, conversations were started by the people accepting the leaflets and in addition I was happy to see enthusiasm being generated out there regarding the willingness of the bulk of the general population to join up with the campaign for farm animals.

In addition, I passed out leaflets at the cafeteria at my place of business, and once again, the same response was being generated that I had seen previously at the college campus.

It's out there…people really, really want to know what's going on with the farm animals and the animals in general and what is it that they can do, however large or small the contribution to help the animals may be. And I intend to reach out, on behalf of the farm animals and the animal kingdom, to every single human being that I interact with on a daily basis for the rest of my life.

Mary Goodsell

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