4th Annual Vegan Chili Cook-Off Wrap-up

Campus Meeting

More than 200 people sampled vegan chili on March 2 and picked the best in town!

The competition again was fierce at our 4th Annual Vegan Chili Cook-Off. The following took the top three places:

  1. Betsy Born
  2. Jacob Carrigan
  3. Pat Mullen

Once again, we had a repeat of two of the top winners — but this time in a different order! Long time Compassionate Action for Animals volunteer and cook Betsy Born won the top prize. She placed 3rd at the first cook-off and was the runner-up the last two years. Jacob Carrigan is a new contestant, who won with his chili dubbed his entry "Unny's delight" after CAA's Executive Director. Pat Mullen is a new name to this list, but he's a member of the same team that won the last two cook-off's. Congrats to all three of them, and thanks to all the contestants who participated.

Prizes for the winning chili contestants included:

In addition to the excellent chili in the competition, we also served several gallons of People's Chili, several pans of bread, Izzy's vegan ice cream, and Way Better Snacks tortilla chips. Thanks to the businesses and individuals for their generous donations and discounts!

Thanks as well to the First Unitarian Society for hosting us in this beautiful location. Finally, thanks to the volunteers who made this event — and all of CAA's animal advocacy work — possible.

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