Introducing Our New Staff, Grace and Cyrus!

Compassionate Action for Animals recently hired two new staff members to expand our outreach and plan more events.

Compassionate Action for Animals is growing! We recently hired two part-time staff people to work during the school year. Both are dedicated animal activists, and we're excited to have them.

Grace Van Susteren Grace Van Susteren, Outreach Coordinator

Grace is a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Her previous experience with CAA includes coordinating leafleting. She enjoys all things outdoors, traveling, and interesting fish.

She will be coordinating tabling, paid-per-view, and leafleting.

Cyrus Wolff Cyrus Wolff, Event Coordinator

Cyrus is a student at Augsburg College, double majoring in Music and English. A lifelong vegan, Cyrus is passionate about advocating for animals. When not working or studying, he enjoys camping, swimming, and playing guitar.

Cyrus will be planning several events, starting with the Veg Week 2013 Feed-In.

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