Outreach Leadership Positions Available

Do you love doing outreach on behalf of animals? Would you like to do more to spread the message of compassion to the general public? Compassionate Action for Animals is looking for outgoing volunteers with strong leadership skills to help manage our regular outreach activities. Consider applying for a volunteer position as either the Tabling Supervisor or the Leafleting Supervisor. Contact Outreach Coordinator Grace Van Susteren if you are interested in applying for either of these positions.

Tabling Supervisor

about 10 hours/month

The Tabling Supervisor manages a CAA outreach table in a high-traffic area once or twice a month. Alongside two or more volunteers, the supervisor will help to educate the public about factory farming and plant-based diets. The supervisor is not responsible for planning the events or recruiting volunteers but is present for the duration of the event, managing other volunteers and participating in general tabling activities.


  • Attend one or two tabling events every month, including the upcoming Pride Festival, June 28 and 29, 2014
  • Secure the necessary materials for tabling
  • Arrange for transportation of all materials to tabling locations
  • Be present before and after tabling events to manage setup and cleanup of display table
  • Supervise at least two other volunteers for each tabling event
  • Train new volunteers to use effective tabling skills
  • Use pay-per-view and other outreach methods to educate the public about factory farming, plant-based diets, and the work of Compassionate Action for Animals
  • Report volunteer attendance and outreach success to the Outreach Coordinator

Leafleting Supervisor

about 10 hours/month

The Leafleting Supervisor oversees CAA outreach leafleting, which involves the distribution of brochures about factory farming and plant-based eating to the general public at colleges, concerts, and festivals. These leafleting events happen twice a month, and the supervisor will work with two or more other volunteers for each event. The Leafleting Supervisor should be available in the late in the evening for concerts, during school hours for colleges, and in the afternoon on summer weekends for festivals.


  • Locate appropriate venues and events for leafleting
  • Secure necessary materials for leafleting
  • Arrange for transportation of materials to leafleting locations
  • Attend two CAA leafleting events every month
  • Supervise at least two other volunteers for each leafleting event
  • Train new volunteers to use effective leafleting skills
  • Distribute literature about factory farming and plant-based diets to large numbers of people at local events
  • Recruit new volunteers to leaflet
  • Report volunteer attendance and literature distribution to Outreach Coordinator

Qualifications for Outreach Leadership Positions

The Tabling and Leafleting Supervisors are:
  • Passionate about educating the public about factory farming and plant-based diets
  • Organized, detail-oriented, creative, and resourceful, with excellent problem-solving skills
  • Friendly, outgoing, and approachable, with good communication skills
  • Able to interact positively with a wide variety of people
  • Able to handle conversational challenges in a polite, respectful manner
  • Possessing a general knowledge of animal agriculture and plant-based diets
  • Well-versed in CAA’s history, mission, values, strategies, and communication style

For more information or to apply, contact Grace Van Susteren.

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