Who needs eggs when there’s Tofu Ranchero?

Tofu Ranchero Taco
Tofu Ranchero Taco

Compassionate Action for Animals volunteer and board member Jeff Johnson created this recipe for Tofu Ranchero and demonstrated how to prepare it at the Simple Mexican Vegan Food cooking class on June 19th, 2014. This flavorful vegan take on “Huevos Rancheros” replaces scrambled eggs with spicy scrambled tofu.

Egg-laying chickens are some of the most abused animals in the food industry. They spend the entirety of their lives in deplorable conditions, and they number in the billions. If you want to help animals, finding alternatives for eggs is a great place to start. With options like delicious and healthful Tofu Ranchero, we can stop supporting the egg industry and begin enjoying food that reflects our values.

You can also find this recipe posted on Jeff Johnson’s blog.

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