Revealing the New Logo for Twin Cities Veg Fest

Check it out! Twin Cities Veg Fest, our annual celebration of compassion, has a new logo!

Why did we need a new logo?

While we thought the pig illustration in the previous logo was super cute, to the average omnivore, it looked like an advertisement for a pig roast. Not what we intended!

And looking forward to growing the festival further (we were at 7,000 last year!), we need a new visual brand identity that truly represents us and will keep drawing in the masses.

The previous logo

We want to give vegans an awesome experience of community, and we also want to bring in omnivores and show them how fun and delicious plant-based eating can be. In that way, the festival can have the biggest impact for the animals, which is our ultimate goal.

How did we create the new logo?

A few months ago, we met up with designer Danami Maurice Champion. He had just finished our new visual brand identity for Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA), and then he got to work on the festival logo.

Since Twin Cities Veg Fest is a program of CAA, they have much in common, operating with the same goals and core values. However, each has its own distinct vibe and attracts a slightly different audience.

The HB Doubles Down

We wanted a visual brand identity for the festival that communicates that it’s a fun, dynamic, and food-focused event. We also wanted to communicate that vegan food is not just fruits and veggies but can also include more decadent treats that some wouldn’t normally associate with the idea of eating vegan. (Remember the Herbivorous Butcher’s Doubles Down?!)

Danami got to work with these ideas in mind, and he delivered.

The new Twin Cities Veg Fest visual brand identity has arrived!

The playful font and arrangement of the words in this logo lockup capture the fun, dynamic quality of the festival.

Meanwhile, the colors for the new visual brand identity communicate a sense vibrancy and draw a bit from the colors of fresh fruits and vegetables:

To make it extra clear what we’re about, the posters and other promotional materials will incorporate a variety of doodles:

This iconography includes fruits and veggies, but there are also cupcakes and ice cream and burgers—all vegan of course! And the frying pan and sound speakers refer to the cooking demos and musical entertainment, which are other dimensions of the annual festival.

Just looking at the logo, colors, and iconography, one gets a sense of all that Twin Cities Veg Fest might include, enticing those in the Twin Cities to enjoy a day of vegan food and compassionate fun.

And you can save the date if you haven’t already! Prepare to join us on Saturday, September 16 from 11am to 5pm at Harriet Island Regional Park in St. Paul. This celebration of compassionate living just keeps growing, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

Twin Cities Veg Fest 2017, which drew more than 7,000 attendees to Como Park




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