Meet Our New Board Member – Victor Massaglia

CAA welcomes Victor Massaglia to our board of directors. Learn more about Victor, where he came from and how he got involved with speaking out for animals and CAA.

Tell us a little about yourself, Victor.

I grew up in Rochester, Minnesota and was in the United States Air Force for about nine years as a personal administrator helping people through transition. I served in Columbus; Mississippi; Okinawa, Japan; and Honolulu, Hawaii.

I’ve been working in higher education for over 25 years and am currently the Director of the Career and Professional Development Center at the School Public Health at the University of Minnesota.

I very passionate regarding issues of human rights and believe that regardless of race, gender, faith, sexual orientation, faith, we are all equally important and that no one should be ignored. I look for ways people can work, play, and be better together.

When did you journey to being vegan begin and where has it led you?

My motivation to become a vegan started primarily as a result of a long and frustrating recovery period from a major surgery. I believe my choice to adopt a plant-based diet rebooted my life. Now, I want to give back in a positive and systematic way.

While learning about how to live a vegan lifestyle, I became more knowledgeable about where our food comes from, how animals are not honored and are continually being abused, as well as how animal-food production is negatively impacting our environment.

I am grateful to be a part of the vegan community now and believe in the power of compassion to make positive change.

How did you get involved with CAA?

From my first experience with CAA was volunteering for the 2017 Twin Cities Veg Fest. I felt a definite affinity with CAA’s mission to encourage people to cultivate empathy for animals and move toward a plant-based diet. I also felt an immediate kinship with CAA and Twin Cities Veg Fest leadership. Also, and quite frankly, all of CAA’s core values are totally aligned with my own core values.

As a new board member, what’s your vision for the organization?

I am excited about CAA taking the lead in meeting people where they are at, educating with empathy and compassion. We can continue encouraging more and more people to take positive steps toward eating a plant-based diet while creating an environment in which animals are treated with respect and dignity.

Interested in joining CAA’s board of directors? Our board meetings are open to prospective members. If you are interested in attending a board meeting, email to find out when the next board meeting will take place.

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