A New Look for Bridges of Respect

Exciting news! Bridges of Respect, our humane education program established in 1999, now has a new visual brand identity.

Following our redesigns for CAA and Twin Cities Veg Fest, this new look for Bridges is designed to increase the appeal of the program for both teachers and students, its target audiences.

Working with designer Danami Maurice Champion and a committee of CAA volunteers, we focused the redesign on reflecting the program’s attributes, which include being educational, inspiring, supportive, empowering, and helpful.

For the new logo, Danami took inspiration from vintage collegiate imagery and incorporated an abstract bridge design.

As the program reaches the general public with an overall focus on cultivating critical-thinking skills, we didn’t want the logo to include animal imagery, as a focus on vegan advocacy might deter some participants. Rather, the simple design is intended to be as accessible as possible, leaving room for interpretation and in turn allowing us to reach more people to discuss the interconnected issues of environmentalism, human rights, and animal rights.

The new colors and typography continue to reflect these motivations for the design, offering a new look and feel that is fresh, professional, and educational.

Finally, Danami made a variety of suggestions for how this new look could be applied. The mockup designs include polo shirts that could be worn by Bridges presenters to convey the team-like spirit of the program.

In the next few months, we’ll be updating the Bridges site and other corresponding materials to reflect the new design.

In the meantime, we are always looking to grow our team of Bridges of Respect presenters, and additional volunteers are needed to help share vegan food samples as well as to take photos and videos of presentations. If you’d like to get involved in Bridges in any of these ways, please contact coordinator Shannon Kimball at shannon@bridgesofrespect.org.

Our next Bridges of Respect presentation is at Century College on June 20. You are welcome to come and observe or help out with the food samples. Sign up today!

To support the continued growth of our humane education program, make a gift to Compassionate Action for Animals today!





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