8 Reasons You’ll Love the 2018 Twin Cities Veg Fest

Twin Cities Veg Fest comes to Harriet Island Park on Saturday, September 16, and we hope you’ll be there to join in the fun.

We asked some of our planning committee members to tell us what most excites them about this year’s festival, and here’s what they had to say.

1. The Twin Cities’ community!

Maggie Simmons

“I’m looking forward to connecting with the Twin Cities’ community about eating plant-based and making compassionate choices! Not to mention all the delicious food!” —Maggie Simmons, Assistant to the Committee Chair

2. New food vendors!

Nathan Gaut

“I’m excited for all the new food vendors coming this year! We’re really gearing up to have our biggest Twin Cities Veg Fest by far! I love finding new local small businesses with awesome foods and drinks that I didn’t know were here in the Cities.” —Nathan Gaut, Twin Cities Veg Fest Committee Chair and CAA Board Member

3. The vegan vibe!

David Paul Muench Huebert

“I’m excited to feel the vegan vibe and to have my food choices, which are very important to me but often out-of-step with the world around me, be the norm for one giant party.” —David Paul Muench Huebert, Exhibitor Coordinator

4. The compassionate crowd!

Suzy Sorensen (left) at Twin Cities Veg Fest 2017

“I am really looking forward to being part of a big, giant, compassionate crowd! Last year it was wonderful to be physically moving and working among so many people who are making the world a more positive, peaceful place. To see the excitement on faces, hear the passionate comments, feel the positive vibe, and be part of the group is empowering and reminds me that I make a difference and relieve suffering in this world every day through my choice to be vegan.” —Suzy Sorensen, Speaker Coordinator

5. The 21+ after-party!

Laura Matanah

“I’m excited to have more scrumptious food choices, music, and opportunities to connect with others that will last beyond the festival. And I’m pumped for the 21+ after-party too!” —Laura Matanah, CAA Executive Director

6. The new location on Harriet Island!

Mitch Thompson

“What excites me most about Twin Cities Veg Fest is that it’s hosted by an organization that allows interested people like myself the opportunity to be involved and have input on making it happen. The new location on Harriet Island is also exciting. OK, but really the truth it’s the food that has me most excited.” —Mitch Thompson, Festival Logistics Coordinator

7. Innovation in plant-based food!

Michelle Peterson (and Stella)

“For this year’s Twin Cities Veg Fest, I’m excited to see the innovations our local vendors have created for plant-based foods, which are skyrocketing in popularity. From imitation fried chicken to bee-free honey, it’s never been a better time to explore veg.” —Michelle Peterson, Media Outreach Coordinator











8. Accessibility!

As someone with a hidden disability, I’d like to invite people with disabilities to contact us about accommodations you may be wondering about. I’m excited about TCVF specialty food items (like last year’s cheese curds) AND stocking up on coupons because, as many of you know, those are hard to come by in the world of plant-based eating.

Michelle Shaw

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