Dotsie Bausch is coming to the Twin Cities!

Dotsie Bausch (left) in 2011

Dotsie Bausch is coming to the Twin Cities this December! For those who don’t know about Dotsie, we put together a little introduction for you.


A professional cyclist

She originally took up cycling while she was on a healing journey from an eating disorder and a drug habit, leading to her love for cycling.

Dotsie had a long and prolific professional cycling career, winning a medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games, eight US national championships, two Pan American gold medals, and setting a world record.

An animal advocate

Today, Dotsie is a passionate animal advocate, working on disrupting the dairy industry with the campaign Switch4Good. The movement is driven by Olympic athletes who were impacted positively by removing dairy from their diets and are committed to sharing the truth about the dairy industry with others.

Dotsie’s story is chronicled in the Netflix documentary, Personal Gold, and stars in the upcoming film, The Game Changers, a film about “the world’s most dangerous myth.”

She has a degree in nutrition, which she utilizes in her work to deliver her informed and impassioned message.

She also shares plant-based recipes and dairy-free alternatives on her website.


Meet Dotsie in person

Dotsie is a powerful influencer and advocate for plant-based eating for athletes and non-athletes alike and we’re so excited to have her in the Twin Cities this December! You can learn more about Dotsie on her website and be sure to mark your calendars for the Cut the Cheese event on December 6th at French Meadow Bakery and Cycling out Dairy with her on December 5th!


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