Top 10 Things to Know About So Good So You at Twin Cities Veg Fest 2019

10. FREE SHOTS and coupons. Yes that’s right—we know you’re going to eat yourself silly with all the amazing veggie goodies at the festival, so we gotchu! Every single person at the festival gets a free Digestion shot and coupons for $1 off our products at partner grocery stores! Powered by organic apple cider vinegar, ginger, apple and carrot juices and 1 Billion probiotic CFUs, it’ll help your belly feel better, fast. Until the next round of vegan nachos. Cheers! 

9. For the Love of Body & Planet, the company’s tagline, captures our mission to inspire people to embrace eating more plants because it is awesome for our health, and the health of the environment. 

8. So Good So You products are now available in over 30 states and 3000 grocery store locations found here, and, we ship nationwide via Amazon Prime. Downtown skyway warriors can get their fill of delicious smoothies, salads and plant-protein bowls and snacks at our two Minneapolis skyway locations

7. We operate a Zero Waste facility. Through multiple programs at our retail cafes and manufacturing facility and offices, we currently divert over 94% of our company’s waste away from landfills and are constantly looking for ways to do better. 

6. Our products are made with 100% sustainable energy. That’s right, wind energy provided by Excel Energy. If you’re an Excel customer, you likely have the opportunity to opt in to use some or all sustainable wind source energy for your home, too! Check out how here

5. Sticking up for Mother Earth—we’re all about environmental activism. We are constantly talking about how we can do more to help—recently, our team volunteered to Do So Good on Earth Day—we picked up trash to clean up city parks and walked the Earth Day 5k! The team is planning our next event, So Soon! 

4. We ship nationwide in a Zero Waste shipping container. It’s pretty cool! The outer box is made of FSC certified, recycled corrugate. You recycle this. The insulation is made of a corn-based fiber. You cut the pouches containing the insulation and run the “foam” insulation under water. It dissolves, and is totally non-toxic, then you recycle the pouch it was in. Those big ice bricks keeping your juices nice and chilled? Also non-toxic! Just cut open the pouch and run the non-toxic gel coolant down the drain. As for our bottles—they’re made of recycled and recyclable plastic, and we are working on being able to launch an industry leading “better bottle” that will have a relatively insignificant environmental impact. Stay tuned! 

3. We were excited to learn that planting 1 trillion trees can reverse climate change and we’re constantly looking for ways to do more! 

2. You can help us plant trees! Follow us on Instagram and we’ll donate to plant a tree on your behalf. Use #SoGoodTCvegfest2019 to help spread the love!

  1. So Good So You is a local company. Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur husband and wife team Rita Katona and Eric Hall, all products are made right here in the Twin Cities. Learn more about our story here

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