Try Veganuary!

While anytime is an amazing time to go vegan, using the motivation from a New Year can provide a great incentive to start. Many decide to try plant-based eating for the month, a movement called Veganuary.

We’re here to help. Share this on social with friends and read on for a few ways to make this month a plant-powered success.

1. Adapt your current routine

Making a switch to a plant-based diet can take a bit of planning at the get-go, but that’s the fun part! If you enjoy eating out, look up vegan-friendly restaurants near you on Happy Cow and plan a trip to one of the awesome all-vegan restaurants in the Twin Cities!

If you cook a lot at home, find cookbooks and blogs that can provide you with the plant-based inspiration you’re craving.

To get started, check out the Vegan Recipe Club’s recipe list for this month and mark your calendar for their meeting on Thursday, January 21 at East Lake Library, 2727 E Lake St, from 6:30-7:30pm. This leads us to the next tip…

Figure out how to make a simple vegan mac and cheese sauce, and then step it up with The Korean Vegan’s recipe for completely decadent Kimchi Mac and Cheese.

2. Find swaps to recreate your favorite foods

Instead of completely replacing all of the dishes you currently enjoy, figure out ways to make some of them plant-based. There are many swaps you can use to make a dish vegan. Don’t forget to play around with new-to-you flavors! Plants can do almost anything in the kitchen.

Dairy products can be replaced with an oat, hemp, almond, soy, or another plant-based milk, butter, and yogurt, while meaty textures can be recreated by using mushrooms, artichokes, squashes, and other vegetables or with TVP (textured vegetable protein), other soy-based products, beans, and seitan. Don’t forget that you’ve likely eaten dishes that are already naturally vegan like salads or oatmeal (made with water or plant milk)!

Love baking? There are PLENTY of ways to replace the egg in baking, from mashing a banana, to a flax or chia egg. Check out more egg substitutes here. And when just getting into vegan baking, you may want to start with an already vegan recipe—you can find lists online of vegan desserts to start from, like the Minimalist Baker’s 28 Best Vegan Desserts.

3. Plan ahead

Planning out what you’ll make each week and writing your grocery list before you go shopping will go a long way in making sure you’re choosing plant-based foods that fit in your budget.

When out and about throughout the day, make sure you’ve got a snack on hand in case you find yourself hungry and without another plant-based option around. An apple, granola bar, trail mix, or even a small container of cooked lentils or vegetables make great portable snacks that can last the day.

4. Get support

Connect with a vegan friend, family member, or online vegan group, or do the Veganuary challenge with another friend! After all, trying something new is definitely more fun when you’re doing it with someone.

Looking for further support? Sign up here to get paired with a vegan mentor through our Explore Veg Mentor Program who can support you as you adjust to plant-based eating.

You can also check out our Veg Resources Guide for inspirational books, information for eating in and out, and more related to living a vibrant vegan lifestyle!

Betty (chicken on left) and another resident of Spring Farm Sanctuary with human visitors of the sanctuary.

5. Connect to your why

While many eat plant-based for their health, living a vegan lifestyle has other benefits that stack up to huge change for others as well.

By participating in Veganuary, you’re saving about 33,000 gallons of water, 900 square feet of forest, 600 pounds of CO2, and sparing at least 30 animals!! Imagine how that impact stacks up when you continue living this lifestyle months and years into the future.

The number of lives you save this month by divesting from the animal agriculture industry is nothing short of amazing, and we want to thank you for doing your part in changing the lives of farmed animals just like Betty by making a change in your life.


Are you doing Veganuary? What do you think so far? Let us know how it’s going here!

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