6 More Ways to Care for Ourselves and Our Community

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Part 2

All of us are struggling with the new reality of life with COVID-19.

Here is the next post in our series of tips. We’re glad you’re taking care of yourself and our community of human and non-human animals during this uncertain time!

  1. Take care of basic needs and what you can control 
    • Open your windows and let some sun in during the day!
    • Our outside environment can reflect how we’re feeling inside and can impact how we feel. Plan on 5-10 minutes of cleaning to keep your space comfortable for you.
    • Find ways to continue practicing compassion for yourself and others. Our online events, and other ideas below, may help.
  2. Stay physically active
  3. Maintain community
    • Check-in regularly with friends and family. 
      • Play games with friends, family, or roommates.
      • Do a Zoom movie night with a friend (while on a call, share your screen to watch a movie or show together, subtitles are recommended).
      • Be mindful of social media use. Make sure you’re keeping individual relationships nourished.
  4. Cook good food
  5. Pursue hobbies. Here are some of Emily’s. 
    • I enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks, music, and podcasts, making music with roommates and practicing breathing exercises with the Wim Hof Method app. I’ve also been drawing more for myself and started to explore language learning with Duolingo.
  6. Remember the animals
    • Farmed animals are still suffering horribly. Think about how you can share messages that help others connect the dots between our treatment of animals and the outbreak of this virus. One way to do this is to get involved with our Editorial Advocacy team—email editorial-advocacy@exploreveg.org to get started.

Let’s think about how we can do everything in our power to benefit the well-being of all animals, human and non-human, as we move through this crisis. The time is now to reevaluate our established systems and work toward creating good for all.


Emergency resources (for quick reference from Part 1):

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