Meet our New Board Member, Stephanie Paquin

CAA welcomes Stephanie Paquin to our board of directors. Read on to learn more about Stephanie, how she shows up for animals, and what she envisions for CAA and animal advocates everywhere.

What’s your experience with animal advocacy?

I work with SoulSpace Farm Sanctuary to assist with bookkeeping, tabling at events (including VegFest) and before COVID, I volunteered to assist with regular chores at the SoulSpace farm.

What about CAA appeals to you? 

I like CAA’s approach and messaging. It’s always upbeat and seems non-judgmental, supportive and encouraging. I always want to find ways in my personal advocacy to draw more people into compassionate living and eating.

How should the animal advocacy movement go about achieving its goals?

Through programs that are engaging, entertaining and fun! We can educate and provide resources to assist people in making long-term changes to their diets and their consumption of goods, while keeping things positive.

What are your professional skills or hobbies?

I do accounting! I am a CFO for my day job and was a CPA for 20+ years working with all kinds of individuals, businesses, and non-profits. I am also a musician, and I like to put shows and events together and am an avid promoter. 

When did you transition to a vegan lifestyle? 

I will have been vegan for 3 years in January 2021, and I try to spread the word and be a living example of the benefits of eating and consuming compassionately. I am always learning how to be better at it – for myself and as an animal advocate.

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