Meet Our New Wholesome Minnesota Coordinator!

Bruce was introduced to Compassionate Action for Animals through attending, and eventually participating as a host in Twin Cities VegFest. His background includes roles in Occupational Safety and Health, and he currently runs a few small businesses. He is excited to apply his experience in public engagement to help expand the reach of the Wholesome Minnesota program and CAA. 

Bruce Williams, Wholesome Minnesota Coordinator

Bruce’s plant-based journey started 5 years ago with the evolution of a social media water challenge he hosts 3 times a year. 50 Days of Water birthed a sister challenge called 50 Days Vegan where participants can journey into personal experimentation of a new eating habit, that hopefully leads to subtle and/or extreme lifestyle changes. 

Bruce is also a comedy writer and performer, and yoga practitioner. He runs a wellness business that specializes in creating lasting moments of positivity that people can return to when situations cause mental chaos. Through stand-up comedy and yoga, Bruce has been able to impact the lives of many by highlighting and teaching from his own personal experiences in life.

From telling jokes to Kevin Hart on Comedy Central, to designing content for cause driven organizations around the world, yoga helps Bruce to balance and cultivate all of his talents on and off the mat. On any given day you can find him in a new city scouting a location to pause, capture a moment, and/or move the energy of a crowd.

Bruce currently hosts a series of guided yoga meditation for fathers, and partners with nonprofit organizations like Black Boys Om to use the tools of Yoga and Mindfulness to seed positive and lasting change in communities.

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