Reviews of Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge dishes show lots of yummy options

If you are like many of us, it was a mad rush to try and sample as many of the 29 dishes entered in the Vegan Chef Challenge by the end of the challenge. There were so many fantastic entries and so little time! We hope you got to try lots of them!

Now is the time to weigh in on the competition. Who will be the top dog in the challenge? What other prizes will we give out? You get to help make the call. You have until September 5 to rate your meals. Join the 1,000 plus votes already received. We will tally them up and announce the winner at the Twin Cities Veg Fest on September 18.

There are other benefits to rating your dish. For every vote you will be entered to win a gift card from our participating restaurants. We will randomly select a winner each of the first five days of September. And the person who votes for the most dishes by the end will also get a prize. Might you be a winner? Vote now and see.

In addition to the ratings we often get comments on the dishes. We share them with the restaurants to give them feedback. Here are a few of the comments to give you a taste of the many yummy options in the competition:

Advelllum, Wild Boomer Burger: “The Wild Boomer Burger is one of two best vegan burgers I’ve ever had. The toppings and aioli took it to the next level. Everything tasted fresh and high quality. The coleslaw is the best I’ve ever had!”

Barbette, Seared Porcini Gnocchi: “It’s sooo incredible and I really hope they see how much everyone loves it and decide to make it a permanent addition to the menu!.”

Book Club, Charred Napa Cabbage + Rice Noodles: “Flavor was fabulous and had me excited to try my next bite! Textures were fun and satisfying! And I not a ‘vegan’! This meal made me happy!,”

Cafe Racer, Cassava Spring Roll and Gazpacho with Crispy Rice Fritter: “One of the best (maybe THE best) meal I’ve ever had. Delicious and fancy and satisfying!”

La Cocina de Ana, Chikn Tinga / Tinga Sin Pollo: “The taste seriously surprised me, it tasted so much like real chicken I had to check the label again”

Insane Vegan, BBQ Brisket on Toasted Texas Bread: “The seitan was so crispy and smokey, seasoned perfectly, the bread was fluffy and crispy, this sandwich captured what summer is about, good BBQ! “

Mill Valley Kitchen, Jamaican Jerk Jackfruit: “I’ve never had jackfruit before so this dish was a risk to me. But I loved it! Wonderful flavor and the creamed corn was just the best! Highly recommend. “

Muddy Tiger, Vada Pav: “The spice combination is a religious experience. Something beyond excellent”

Parkway Pizza, Philly Cheesefake Pizza: ”It was so rich and delicious and the crust was a perfect crispness I couldn’t believe it was vegan!”

Root to Rise, Fried Maitake and Hemp Waffles: ”Very well balanced and so creative! Such a complex tasting dish.”

Reverie Cafe + Bar, Korean BBQ Mock Duck Tacos: ”So yummy and flavorful, beautiful and delicious. One of the best plates of food I have had in over 10 years”

Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room, The Cauliflower Power Tacos“ This restaurant will be on repeat for some of the best cauliflower tacos I’ve ever had.”

Wok in the Park, Jjajangyeon: “This was perfectly spicy, amazing flavorful, delectably differentiated, and superbly presented.

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