Annual CAA Auction up and running! Bid now! Support animals and snag cool stuff

March 1, 2023
Some of the fantastic and tasty Items from this year’s Auction

There is something for everyone in CAA’s Auction this year! You can bid to take home one of the over 50 donated items. You get something you really want and CAA gets funds to help spare more animals from lives of suffering.

Log into the auction website to see photos, read descriptions and place your bids. Once you bid you will get notices if someone outbids you. Looking at the great choices, it seems we may get some fun bidding wars going on! So bid early and often.

Here is just a taste of the tantalizing items on offer:

Go to the website to get details. You can tag things you are keeping your eye on. Or you can start your bidding!

Be sure and support these organizations and businesses. Let them know that you appreciate their donation to CAA.

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