History of Compassionate Action for Animals

Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) was formed in early 1998 to be an effective advocate for animals. Our approach, from the beginning, was to pursue our activities using strategic nonviolence, based on the principles of nonviolence, openness, humility, persistence and treating everybody with respect. These principles continue to guide us in their present form as our core values.

Compassionate Action for Animals has engaged in a number of campaigns and programs over the years. We performed the first open rescue of farm animals in the US in 2000, rescuing a dozen hens from a battery cage facility operated in Minnesota by Michael Foods, owner of the Crystal Farms brand.

CAA also has a long history of outreach activities, including leafleting, tabling, video showings and more. In 2004, we introduced our Veg Week event. We ask participants to Pledge to Be Veg for the week and provide a week long series of social and educational events for them to join.

In 2012, we hosted the first Twin Cities Veg Fest, which attracted over 1,200 people to sample delicious vegan food and learn more about animals in agriculture. In 2013, we hosted the second festival, attracting approximately 2,000 people.

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