Earth Day Teach-In: Environmental Justice and Animal Agriculture

Thursday, April 22, 2021
7:30pm - 8:30pm

Join us for an interactive virtual discussion about animal agriculture and environmental justice.

The event will feature Wendy Pilot, co-host of Native Roots Radio and a volunteer with The Humane Society of the United States-MN ; Michael Chaney, Director of Project Sweetie Pie and winner of the 2020 Environmental Initiative Award; and Ben Lilliston, Director of Climate Change and Rural Strategies at Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy who has led the work to enact stronger climate-related regulations on Minnesota feedlots (aka factory farms) , and you’ll get to participate as well!

The panel is free to attend and you can join here.

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7:30-7:45 Each panelist shares briefly about their work

7:45-8pm Panelists respond to pre-submitted questions. You can submit one here via Facebook.

8pm to 8:15pm Panelists and attendees break into small groups. Every person shares what they learned and what actions they might take.

8:15 to 8:30pm Attendees share answers in the chat; attendees can directly ask questions of the panelists

This event is part of the Twin Cities Veg Week series of events from April 18-24. Sign up now to try 21 days of veg living and get 15% off at local businesses during VegWeek! 

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