Veg Week 2015 Endorsements

Join your friends, local politicians, and many others who are taking the Veg Pledge!

As we celebrate Veg Week 2015, you have the opportunity to pledge to eat vegetarian or vegan for one week, starting April 20. Explore how eating more plant-based foods and fewer animal products can help protect farm animals, improve our water quality, and reduce the output of greenhouse gases.

There’s no better time to make the delicious and nutritious move to plant-based eating, especially with the endorsements of these local notables:

Scott Dibble Veg Week Pledge

Scott Dibble

MN State Senator, District 61

“I have respect for animals, and advocating for their welfare at the State Capitol has been an important part of my larger efforts in the movement to create a more just future. I keep an active lifestyle and eating more vegan food will help me stay fit. I’m happy to eat vegan for a week!”

Mistress Ginger and her Barbarian Torte

Mistress Ginger

Showgirl and Author of  Mistress Ginger Cooks!: Everyday Vegan Food for Everyone

“I’ve been vegan for a least a dozen years, and I’m still alive! Not only that, I’m thriving. And I feel so good knowing that I’m not supporting those stinking factory farms. Skipping down the path to more compassionate living has never been easier or more fun. Listen to your Mistress: Take the Veg Pledge! You won’t regret it.”

Laura vanZandt

Laura vanZandt

Host of One Girl, Two Cities

“I was a vegetarian for over six years before going vegan. After switching, I realized I should have made the change sooner because I’m much happier knowing I’m not supporting animal suffering or the animal agriculture that’s destroying our environment. Watch films! Read articles! It’s so important to be educated on what’s going on behind the scenes. The world is full of amazing food, and I’d love for you to go veg for a week and see what you think.”


Cam Gordon

Minneapolis City Council Member

“As a longtime vegetarian, I have often thought about converting to a completely animal-free diet. I think it could be better for me, for others, and for the planet as a whole. I am glad that this week will give me a chance to give it a try.”

Phil Martens

Phil Martens, JD

Founder of 501FIT and G-Werx Fitness

“We all are slammed by the protein hype and myths designed to sell you a never-ending stream of meat, eggs, and cheese. As a fitness professional and longtime ethical vegan, I can assure you it is easy and beneficial to get 100% of your protein from plants. It is also vastly better for your health, the environment, and precious animals when you do! Take the pledge and go vegetarian. Better yet, go vegan for a week. Then follow through and experience for yourself how wonderful you feel! It’s one week…you can do this!”

Suzy and chickenSuzy Sorensen, RD, LD, CDE

Owner of Move2Veg Nutrition

“As a compassionate vegan and a Registered Dietitian, I’ve experienced and seen in others the positive impacts that choosing to eat vegan can have on spirit and health. Moving to a vegan diet is easy! Take the Veg Pledge and experience great new foods, fun new restaurants, and the satisfaction of knowing that you have played a role in making the world a more peaceful place.”


Andrew Johnson

Minneapolis City Council Member

“Being vegetarian for a week is a fun challenge, but it’s also an eye-opening experience which makes a difference for the environment, improves your own health, and helps to reduce animal suffering. I hope you join me in taking the Veg Pledge!”

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