Getting Things Done for Animals

Welcome to Compassionate Action for Animals’ guides on getting things done for animals. Our goal for these guides is to help you become a more effective advocate for animals. We will be providing a variety of how-to’s on event planning, organizational management, and other related topics.


The how-to’s here are written with a few assumptions about your work and your capabilities.

First, we assume that your focus is on farm animals and getting people to move towards a plant-based diet.  With that in mind, we also assume that your focus is on the audience most receptive to this. The most receptive audience for are younger people in the 16-25 age range, especially young women.

Second, we assume that you’re interested in activities focused on outreach, education, and community-building. Outreach is providing information to people who haven’t explicitly sought it out, like leafleting and paid-per-view video screenings. Education is providing more in-depth information to a self-selecting audience, like at cooking classes or a speaker. Community-building is focused on creating an animal-friendly community in your area. This helps people stick to the changes they’ve made to their diet and lifestyle for the sake of helping animals.

Third, many of our guides assume that you have at least a few people involved in the work you’re doing. Many activities require a planning committee of at least a few people. It’s possible to do them solo, but not recommended.

Fourth, we assume you don’t have a lot of money, but we assume you have at least a little. At the very least, you’ll need to have the money to print flyers for events, reserve rooms at a community center, etc.

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