Volunteer Testimonials

Kealy helps out at a chicken sanctuary

Here’s what our volunteers have to say about CAA…

CAA is the most dedicated animal rights organization in the Twin Cities and they have provided me with numerous ways to make a difference.

Amy O.

I came across Compassionate Action for Animals during a time when I was becoming more interested in animal welfare issues and deciding to go vegan. I found their stance on animal issues to be in line with mine: they strive to support animal welfare issues in the most effective ways, by informing people of the issues at hand and the other options out there, both at the right time and in the right way. I don’t have many vegans friends in my area in California, so it was nice to have CAA to rely on, despite their core being in another state!

Elizabeth R.

All of us [activists] and everyone in the larger animal rights community, owes a debt of gratitude to your group. You are all doing important work, and your commitment always translates into action.

Mark B.

Compassionate Action for Animals for me has continually been a great resource for information. Also, as a volunteer, through CAA I have been introduced to the benefits of action both on small-scale and large-scale levels: every little bit helps.

Chelsea S.

As a vegetarian arriving in Minneapolis, I wanted to find a group of people who cared for animals as much as I did. Compassionate Action for Animals was so accepting and it was wonderful being involved in this group. This group has had a great impact on my life and I know that by being involved in it I can make that same impact on others’ lives.

Margot G.

Every time I am contacted by the friendly people at CAA, I am reminded that there are individuals who care about life on this planet for every being–animals included. I am encouraged by their work!

Jessica S.

Through CAA I’ve come to realize that every little bit I do to end the suffering of animals makes a difference. But my efforts combined with others sets an example for a whole new generation, offering knowledgeable support in everything from raising positive awareness of farming to maintaining nutrition as a vegan. Through CAA I believe people give animals and our society a brighter, more socially responsible future. CAA has definitely given me hope for a better tomorrow.

Jen G.

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