Op-Eds for Animals Resource Group

Wednesday, June 26, 2024
6:30pm - 7:30pm

A white rooster crows as he stands in a shaft of sunlight, with two hens in the foreground.
Three chickens at Chicken Run Rescue.

Are you passionate about advocating for animals? You can speak out on their behalf! Come join CAA’s monthly writing resource group dedicated to crafting powerful op-eds for animals. 

When: Last Wednesday of Every Month

Time: 6:30pm CST 

Where: Zoom (pre-registration required)

At our meetings, we’ll delve into the world of opinion writing, exploring effective techniques and guidelines for crafting impactful op-eds. Whether you’re a seasoned writer or just starting out, all are welcome to participate and learn.

Our agenda each month will include:

  • Op-Ed Guidelines: Learn the ins and outs of writing compelling op-eds that resonate with readers and drive change.
  • Current Events Discussion: Explore recent news stories related to animal issues, identifying opportunities for op-ed writing and advocacy.
  • Peer Review Sessions: Bring your own writing or ideas to receive constructive feedback from fellow participants. Don’t have anything written yet? No problem! You can still join to learn and contribute to the review process.

This is a supportive and inclusive space where everyone’s voice matters. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just dipping your toes into activism through writing, we encourage you to join us and be part of the movement for animals.

To RSVP, register online. For more information, please contact Abbey at abbey.feola@exploreveg.org

Let’s raise our pens (or keyboards) for animals and make a difference together!

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