Now Accepting Applications for a New Executive Director

caa-logo-640x480As you may have heard, after five years of dedicated service, Unny Nambudiripad is moving on from his post as executive director at Compassionate Action for Animals. We wish him well on his continuing journey and look forward to appointing a highly qualified individual who can carry on this important position, overseeing all facets of our organization and providing inspiring and effective leadership.

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October Potluck: Vegan Food and Leaflet Stuffing

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Veg Fest flyerJoin us for a vegan potluck and, when you're not stuffing your face, help us stuff some leaflets!

Bring a vegan dish to share. We'll do our potluck thing from 1 to 2pm, and then you can put down the vegan mac and cheese for a hot second and help us stuff copies Compassionate Choices or Your Choice with these awesome Twin Cities Veg Fest flyers.

This potluck offers an opportunity to share fantastic vegan food while getting to know others in the community and helping to get the word out about the upcoming festival. Your help will be most appreciated!

Come for some or all of the afternoon. RSVP on the Facebook event page or email Justin at Let Justin know if you can also help out with setup or cleanup for this event.


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Most of us think that the meat, milk, and eggs that we buy come from animals who have lived happy, healthy lives. However, undercover investigations have revealed a different picture over and over again. Animals on modern farms are routinely treated in ways that would be grounds for felony cruelty charges if applied to a cat or dog. Yet, like cats and dogs, farmed animals have complex emotions including the capacity to suffer.

Compassionate Action for Animals exists to build a truly animal-friendly community in the Twin Cities region. Through outreach, education, and community building, we educate the public about farmed animal suffering and help people move towards a vegan diet. We are a nonprofit organization with a staff of two and more than 150 volunteers.

If you feel moved to advocate for animals, please consider supporting our work by volunteering, donating, or joining us at one of our events. If you’re interested in transitioning to plant-based diet, visit our Veg Resources page where you’ll find recipes and a variety of tips that can help you on your journey towards a more compassionate lifestyle.

Together, we can make a difference for the animals!

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Upcoming Events

Monday, October 3, 2016

Pay-Per-View at the U!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tour of SoulSpace Sanctuary