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Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) is a nonprofit organization with a staff of two and over 200 volunteers. Our mission is to encourage people to embrace their empathy for farmed animals and move toward a plant-based diet. We do this through increasing awareness of farmed animal suffering, building community with plant-based eating, and nurturing advocates in the Twin Cities region.

If you’re interested in transitioning to a plant-based diet, check out our veg resources. We also invite you to check out our list of upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Together, we can make a difference for farmed animals.

Surly Goes Vegan — What?!

Surly Brewing is going vegan on August 12 for our 2019 Twin Cities Veg Fest FUNraiser! You read that right—Surly Goes Vegan. This August.

You can choose to join us just for happy hour and appetizers, or buy a full event ticket for a scrumptious sit-down meal with karaoke afterward.

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