Compassionate Action for Animals exists to educate the public about farmed animal suffering and to build an animal-friendly community in the Twin Cities region.

Compassionate Action for Animals is an inspirational example of the powerful change grassroots organizations can accomplish. Through their many forms of thought-provoking public outreach and education, CAA has opened the hearts and minds of countless individuals to the plight of farmed animals.

Nathan Runkle, Executive Director, Mercy for Animals


Marnie LeafletingOur outreach work is focused on talking to people who don’t know about the immense suffering inherent in factory farming. We talk to them about the the conditions on factory farm and about how the animals on these farms are just as worthy of consideration as the animals that live with us in our homes.

Most of our outreach work is focused on our target demographic of college students and young adults. People are still forming their values at this stage, and we’ve found that this is the most receptive audience for our message.

Food Giveaways

Food giveaways are a mainstay of CAA’s vegetarian outreach efforts. Learn more.


Distributing leaflets about factory farming and vegetarianism is one of the most effective forms of animal activism in terms of time spent, resources used, and results. Learn more.


Learn more.


Tabling is a way of reaching out to the public on animal issues and vegetarianism. It’s also one of the best ways to attract new volunteers and supporters. Learn more.

Twin Cities Veg Fest

Learn more.

Veg Week 2015

Veg Week 2015 will take place Monday, April 20 through Sunday, April 26. Learn more.


Cali teaches vegan cooking Our educational programs give people who are interested in animal issues more information about topics such as vegan cooking, factory farming, or animal behavior.

Bridges of Respect

Bridges of Respect builds bridges between people, other species, and the environment. Learn more.

Cooking Classes

Cooking and knowing what to eat are often barriers for people looking to explore animal-friendly diets. It might seem difficult now, but preparing vegan foods doesn’t have to be a chore! Learn more.

Film Screenings

Documentaries and movies present unique insights for viewers of the animals’ plight in a way that words and photographs perhaps cannot. Learn more.


Thanksgiving Potluck 2013 Motivating people to take a first step for animals is very important, but we think that it’s just as important to help stay committed to animal protection. Our community-building activities include potlucks, dine-outs, and other social events that bring the animal-friendly community in the Twin Cities area together.

Dine Outs

CAA regularly organizes dine outs for animal-friendly folks in the community looking to connect and enjoy great food. Learn more.


Potlucks are a great way build community. They give attendees a chance to try delicious vegan food, as well as meet other like-minded individuals. Learn more.

Activist Resources

We have a number of useful resources for activists, whether you’re working with CAA, another organization, or on your own.

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Upcoming Events

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Vegan Potluck at the Chateau

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leaflet with Vegan Outreach

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vegan Food Showcase