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Connecting Values With Action: Faustine Micheyl’s CAA Volunteer Experience

July 22, 2024

Faustine with her “pup” Lilou

Faustine Micheyl is relatively new to volunteering with Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA). She began this past winter with the Handwrite Hope for Animals postcard mailing campaign and recently joined the planning committee for Twin Cities Veg Fest.

How she got connected to CAA

Faustine discovered CAA through social media and decided to get involved due to her passion for helping animals, humans, and the earth. 

Her volunteer roles

Currently, Faustine serves as the social media coordinator on the planning committee for Twin Cities Veg Fest and is busy helping to plan all the great social media content for the upcoming festival. Check out @tcvegfest on Instagram and you might see one of the many fun and eye-catching reels created by Faustine that highlight various aspects of the festival. Her creativity helps us spread awareness of the festival and build excitement for attendees. 

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Make Ahead Meals | Vegan Recipe Club | August 2024

Join us on August 20 from 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm for this month’s online Vegan Recipe Club meeting. The cookbook for the month is The Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook (2015) by Ginny Kay McMeans.

If you are curious about vegan cooking, this club is for you! Each month, participants make three recipes from popular cookbooks then share their reflections with the group. Novice to expert cooks are welcome, as are interested non-cooks. Registration not required.

Download the recipes for this month. 

About The Make Ahead Vegan Cookbook

The publisher describes the book as follows:

“A plant-based diet that is as satisfying as Mom’s home cooking. Vegan food with down-home appeal is the sort of vegan food Americans want to eat. Sit down to a dinner that looks and tastes great, but just happens to be completely plant-based so it’s also good for you. That’s how Ginny McMeans cooks, and here she shares 125 of her favorite recipes. Every recipe can also be made-ahead and frozen for later, as these meals are designed for the busy person. This is delicious, homemade, everyday food that you can cook fresh on a whim or pull from your freezer for a quick healthy supper.”

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Join the After-Party at the second Twin Cities Plant-Based Bike Crawl

July 8, 2024

Celebrate with us at the second Twin Cities Plant-Based Bike Crawl After-Party on Sunday, July 28, from 1 pm to 3 pm at Reverie Cafe + Bar. This lively event, hosted by Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA), will feature music, food, drinks, games, and local vegan vendors. Whether or not you participated in the bike crawl, everyone is welcome to join the festivities a the After-Party!

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New Beginnings: Marmaduke and Tinker at Spring Farm Sanctuary

July 8, 2024

Spring Farm Sanctuary is delighted to welcome two of their newest residents, Marmaduke and Tinker. Despite the recent trauma from losing their previous caring home, these two charming pigs have landed in a new safe and nurturing place. 

Their Journey to Spring Farm Sanctuary

Marmaduke and Tinker spent the first six years of their lives in a loving home in Wisconsin, where they were treated as cherished members of the family. Raised since they were just eight weeks old, they enjoyed a life full of affection and care. However, a tragic accident changed everything. This past March, their “dad” suffered a freak accident, resulting in paralysis that left him unable to care for them. Friends of the family reached out to Spring Farm Sanctuary to see if they would take them in. They knew this would ensure that the pigs would be well cared for. Spring Farm was glad to take them in.

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A Vegan Evening at Owamni Grows CAA’s Impact for Animals

June 27, 2024

On Saturday June 22, forty-six people enjoyed a delicious meal, connecting with fellow animal advocates, and moving CAA’s work for animals forward during A Vegan Evening at Owamni. A description of the evening and photo slideshow are below.

Food, Community, and Presentations

The evening featured a four-course menu of Indigenous food from the award-winning restaurant along with a presentation on Owamni’s mission and each of the dishes from restaurant staff. Guests had a wonderful time visiting with each other while enjoying family-style dining.

There was also a presentation about the impact of CAA’s work for Minnesota’s farmed animals from treasurer and volunteer Hannah Milos as well as executive director Laura Matanah. Hannah and Laura’s presentations emphasized the critical role of volunteers and donors in helping us reach our goal of inviting one million Minnesotans to take action for animals by 2027.

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Connecting, Learning, and Inspiration: Highlights From the Animal and Vegan Advocacy (AVA) Summit

June 11, 2024

The CAA team at AVA: Ryan Sauers, Mitch Bermel, Hannah Milos, Kelso Anderson, and Theresa Zingery

The 2024 Animal and Vegan Advocacy (AVA) Summit in May brought together over 800 passionate advocates from around the world. This included five representatives from CAA. Their experiences were a fertile ground for learning, networking, and inspiration. Across various workshops, panels, and informal gatherings, our team collected valuable experiences and insights. This will assist CAA further advance its work moving forward.

What is the Animal and Vegan Advocacy Summit (AVA)?

AVA is an international summit for individuals and organizations involved in animal advocacy. The summit included four days of workshop and plenary sessions on a variety of related topics. These ran the gamut from communications to policy work, strategies, organizing, fundraising, activism, and much more. Participants included those active in animal rights, animal welfare, alternative proteins, food system change, and related movements.  

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Volunteer Spotlight: Grace Prins. Building Community and Compassion by Volunteering With CAA

June 11, 2024

Grace with Morris, the “light of my life”

Grace Prins has been a passionate volunteer with Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) since 2022. Her first volunteering was at Twin Cities Veg Fest. She reports that “When I first went vegan, it felt pretty lonely because I didn’t know anyone else who shared my values and lifestyle. I started looking for ways to meet other vegans and volunteer for a cause I believed in and found CAA!” She signed up for our emails, followed us on MeetUp, and finally decided to volunteer. She was impressed by the dedication of CAA volunteers, especially those who spent a lot of time planning the festival.

Grace’s volunteer roles at CAA

Grace has volunteered in many different roles at CAA. She worked twice on the Zero Waste team at Twin Cities Veg Fest, helped plan the Vegan Chili Cook-Off, and joined the Annual Banquet committee for 2024. She also assisted people in signing up for the Veg Pledge at The Smell of Money movie screening and volunteered at Chicken Run Rescue for International Respect for Chickens Day. Beyond CAA, Grace also volunteers at Farmaste Animal Sanctuary, helping with barn cleanings.

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Meet Hattie Mae: The Nurturing Nubian Goat and New Resident at Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

June 3, 2024

Hattie Mae, a 5-year-old Nubian goat, is a natural caretaker with a curious spirit. She arrived at her new home, Farmaste Animal Sanctuary on March 30, 2024. Since then, she’s been busy exploring and bonding with her new friends, Opie, a playful goat kid, and Willow, an adult goat.

Hattie Mae’s journey from the dairy industry

Hattie Mae’s journey began in the dairy breeding industry, where she produced triplets each year. She was eventually sold to a new breeder who was starting a herd. During routine tests, Hattie Mae was found to be positive for CAE (Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis), a common and contagious disease among goats. Despite this, many breeders continue to breed CAE-positive goats. She may have been sent to slaughter at this point but Farmaste was able to take her in.

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Meet Kim Milligan: A Newbie CAA Volunteer Making a Difference for Animals and Beyond

May 24, 2024

Kim Milligan is a fresh face at Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA). She first heard about us this February, then jumped right in to volunteer as the Logistics Coordinator for the upcoming Twin Cities Veg Fest. She brings her enthusiasm and dedication to the cause, and we are so excited to have her aboard.

Discovering CAA: A “Sign from the Universe”

Kim discovered CAA through a friend who mentioned volunteer opportunities for Veg Fest. Feeling it was a “sign from the Universe,” she joined a CAA volunteer Zoom call that evening. Immediately, she knew she had found the right organization. She could see that she shares the same vision and moral and ethical values as CAA.

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Plant-Based Progress: Wholesome Minnesota’s Spring 2024 Highlights

May 24, 2024

Karen Students at St. Paul ECFE class tasting some yummy plant-based fooods

CAA’s Wholesome Minnesota program made a big impact this spring! We held multiple events promoting plant-based diets with a variety of groups. Jodi Gruhn, Wholesome MN Director, inspired students and families through presentations, cooking sessions, and interactive activities.

The focus was on the critical link between diet and personal and environmental health. This message resonated with diverse audiences, encouraging healthier and more sustainable dietary choices. This blog provides an overview of each of the presentations.

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