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Allison Gamble: Embracing compassion and community by volunteering with CAA

April 22, 2024

Here’s your chance to get to know Allison Gamble, a dedicated CAA volunteer. Allison discovered us at the 2023 banquet, where she was captivated by our mission to end factory farming. The warm, accepting community also impressed her immediately, prompting her to get involved.

Volunteer roles and contributions

Allison has taken on a couple of significant volunteer assignments over the past 10 months. She served on the organizing committees for the 2023 Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge and the 2024 CAA Banquet. She was drawn to these positions because she knew her professional skills could be valuable contributions. She also appreciated the opportunities to connect with like-minded volunteers.

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Tenth Anniversary issue of Minnesota Veg Living Now Available! Get a Dose of Inspiration and Information

April 15, 2024

The latest edition of CAA’s annual Veg Living magazine is now out, and it’s a special one – it marks the tenth anniversary of this publication! The issue is packed with articles that aim to inspire and inform you about various aspects of compassionate living, all designed to support you on your veg journey.

How we selected our topics

Our team carefully selected the topics for this milestone issue based on feedback from our community. We discovered that many of you were keen to learn about the connection between diet and climate change, as well as our efforts to introduce more plant-based meals into schools through our Wholesome Minnesota program. Additionally, there was a strong interest in understanding how to maintain a healthy plant-based diet. The magazine addresses these topics and more, offering many insights from our experts.

In this edition, you’ll also find inspiring stories. One is about the impact of our popular Twin Cities Veg Fest as a catalyst for societal change. We also delve into how new policies are reshaping factory farming and the pivotal role CAA plays in this transformation. For those always on the lookout for great places to enjoy vegan food, as well as book and movie recommendations, and of course, recipes, we’ve got you covered too with a variety of fun and informative articles.

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Vegan Comedy Series Premieres This Weekend 

April 17, 2024

If the Level 5 Vegan Jesse (right) has been your only vegan representation for the past twenty-four years, fear not. VEGAN PLEASE is coming to a city near you! 

What is VEGAN PLEASE about?

With a similar vibe to Sex and the City, the new comedy series VEGAN PLEASE follows a colorful cast of vegan characters opening bakeries, doing activism, and dating – all in the Twin Cities. So far, only a teaser about a vegan people-pleaser on a first date has been released… but you can see the first episodes weeks before everyone else at the premiere! 

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A guest blog by Chicken Run Rescue (CRR)

April 11. 2024

How we first came in contact with Amma

March 24, 2022 “Good afternoon, We have just obtained two lovely hens that were owner surrendered due to the owner reportedly being unable to keep their coop (and thus the neighboring properties) clear of rodents. Owner stated these hens are 10 years old… Let us know if you think you may be able to find foster for them.” 

We named these two Amma and Nonna- Icelandic and Italian for grandma, respectively. They were nameless where they came from. For once, we had the perfect foster home available. That never happens, but the heavens were smiling on them. We learned later that we actually had a connection to them that was intertwined with the history of our work to help birds victimized by the backyard chicken fad in the Twin Cities. That well-meaning infatuation is part and parcel of a much broader movement to market animal agriculture in the backyard or the corporate farm as kind, ethical and sustainable; seasoned animal advocates call it “The Humane Hoax.”

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Eight Organizations help you take action at CAA’s Documentary and Social Action night

April 8, 2024

On Sunday, April 14 from 3-6 pm CAA is hosting a free special Documentary and Social Action Night. The documentary we will view is the award-winning 2022 movie The Smell of Money. The film covers the harms suffered by local communities living alongside corporate “hog farms.” It delves into their legal fight for clean air, clean water, and a life free from the stench of manure.

After the screening, you’ll be able to connect with eight local organizations and chapters working on addressing environmental injustice, animal abuse, corporate power, structural racism, and other aspects related to the themes of the movie. Each organization will table to present information about their ongoing work. There will also be information on accessible steps you can take to get involved. 

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A snapshot of compassion: Barb Huning’s volunteer work with CAA

April 1, 2024

Get to know CAA Volunteer Barb Huning. Over the past five years, Barb has  contributed her time and skills to various roles to help CAA events run smoothly. She also selflessly offers her photography skills to help us capture key moments at events. Barb is a dedicated vegan who is attracted to CAA’s work and impact. Her volunteer motivation is to support this work to create a more compassionate world for all animals.

Barb loves photography and volunteers with CAA to capture the energy and happiness at events like Twin Cities Veg Fest and the Thanksliving potluck. She skillfully and passionately documents the joy and excitement of attendees. Through her lens, she showcases the vibrant and diverse vegan community, inspiring others to join us in our mission. 

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Remembering Neena Gada

March 25, 2024

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Neena Gada on the 6th of January, 2024. Neena, and her husband Ram, have long supported CAA and been pillars of the local Jain and Indian communities.

Neena’s life

Born in 1942, Neena’s life was a testament of devotion, unwavering strength, and selfless service.

A true icon of resilience, Neena was known for her kind-hearted nature. Throughout her life, her vivacious spirit and unwavering optimism uplifted those around her. Neena’s life was defined by her love for others, and she spent much of her time making a positive impact on the lives of those she cared for.

Neena’s passion for education and the importance of culture was vividly evident throughout her life. She believed that education was the most powerful tool to change the world, and she dedicated a significant portion of her life to this cause, working to establish centers of Indian education in Minnesota.

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Oil and gluten-free comfort foods | April 2024 | Vegan Recipe Club

March 19, 2024

The cookbook and recipes for April will be Plant-Based Delicious (2023) by Ashley Madden

Click here to download the recipes for this month.

Join the Vegan Recipe Club on April 16, from 6:30 to 7:30 to discuss recipes from the cookbook of the month: Plant-Based Delicious (2023) by Ashley Madden. This month will feature an in-person discussion and potluck at CAA’s offices (2100 1st Ave S, Suite 200, Minneapolis) as well as the usual zoom option.  Bring one of the dishes from the cookbook to share with other participants over a great discussion. 

If you are curious about vegan cooking, this club is for you! Each month participants make three recipes from popular cookbooks then share their reflections with the group over zoom. Novice to expert cooks are welcome, as are interested non-cooks. Registration not required.

This is how the publisher describes the cookbook: “Bestselling author Ashley Madden makes it easy to prepare―and fall in love with―comforting dishes packed with fresh flavors and good-for-you ingredients with this incredible vegan cookbook. Every recipe features delicious flavor combinations that will intrigue and impress your tastebuds while also nourishing your body. What’s more is that every recipe is gluten and oil free, so you can enjoy the comforting dishes you crave while accommodating dietary preferences.”

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2024 Annual Banquet scores a huge success

March 18, 2024

This year’s annual banquet was a huge success! Over 78 compassionate individuals attended the semi-formal gathering at the beautifully decorated CSPS Hall. They were treated to wonderful food by Tongue and Cheek, treats made by volunteers, classical guitar music by Maja Radovanlija, and fun games like a cake walk and wine toss. During dinner, CAA volunteers and staff shared inspiring stories about our work for animals and our community. Not to mention that the culmination of the annual auction happened during the banquet. And the best news is that all of this was not only fun but also raised a lot of money for CAA to accomplish our strategic goals this year!

Financial support that matters

Thanks to the amazing support of a generous anonymous donor, every donation made at the event was matched five times! This encouraged new donors to step up and existing supporters to increase their contributions. The cake walk and ring toss games raised a good amount of money too. The annual auction was a highlight, raising over $3,500 to support our work for a more compassionate world. With the gifts, the match, and the auction, we raised a total of over $30,000 to move our work forward! We are truly grateful to everyone who contributed.

Delightful delicacies: A feast for all

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This Veg Week, Help Others on Their Compassionate Journeys by Sharing Your Tips and Inspirations

March 18, 2024

Vegan food at J. Selby’s—one of the restaurants on the discount card for participants in the Veg Week Pledge.

As we prepare for Veg Week, a time dedicated to promoting plant-based eating and compassionate living, we are pulling together materials to help folks who will be participating in the Veg Week Pledge. We invite those of you already on a compassionate journey to contribute your knowledge and experiences to help those who are just starting out.

Whether you have tips on where to find delicious plant-based options, advice on eating nutritiously without breaking the bank, or recommendations for inspiring books and movies, your input can provide invaluable support. Let’s come together and create a community of shared wisdom and encouragement.

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