Parade + Tabling at Explore West St. Paul

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Saturday, June 10, 2023
9:30am - 3:30pm

Harmon Park

Come take compassionate action for animals!

A parade will start at 10:30am, and will run north along Charlton St, starting at Garlough St and going to the intersection of Bernard St. W and Charlton St. CAA will be collecting petition signatures. CAA will be puppeteering a giant pig costume, collecting petition signatures, and carrying the CAA banner.

After the parade, CAA will be tabling at an Art & Environmental Fair at Harmon Park, 12-3:30. We’ll be talking to attendees about the benefits of vegan eating, for animals’ lives and for the environment. This will include passerby spinning a wheel to learn about environmental effects and welfare regulations related to animals and animal products, passing out leaflets to passerby, and having vegan cookbooks available for people looking for recipes.

Sign up here.

To help present a unified front, all volunteers will receive a VegFest shirt from a previous year! (Wear your VegFest shirt if you already have one that fits well!)



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