Bridges of Respect

Bridges of Respect builds bridges between people, other species, and the environment.

The animal protection movement is a movement to uplift humanity. A sense of compassion toward animals is a natural precursor toward ethical and thoughtful behavior in people. Cruelty can only take place when humanity’s most prized values of compassion, responsibility, mercy, and empathy, are absent. Our efforts to protect animals are our efforts to help humanity avoid the traps of ignorance, violence, and convenience that underlie all great injustices.

Established in March of 1999, Bridges of Respect offers a series of dynamic, educational presentations on animal and environmental issues for receptive middle school, high school, and college students as well as community organizations in the Twin Cities metro area. Programs are modified for each age group. Since its inception, Bridges has given thousands of presentations to tens of thousands of students.

The interactive programs encourage student participation and critical thinking by combining lively discussions with short videos and activities. Programs are flexible in length and format to meet the interests of the audience, and may be tailored to fit specific curricular needs. Bridges of Respect’s instructors are available to present at school assembly programs, classrooms, after-school club meetings, places of worship, and other community organizations.

We hope that CAA supporters who are interested in public speaking will step up and consider becoming a volunteer humane educator with Bridges! Please contact for more information.

Cooking Classes

Cooking and knowing what to eat are often barriers for people looking to explore animal-friendly diets. It might seem difficult now, but preparing vegan foods doesn’t have to be a chore!

By attending our inexpensive (or sometimes free) cooking classes, attendees get a chance to try a variety of foods, learn about nutrition, and have their questions on veg eating answered.

Stay tuned for the next cooking class by regularly checking our Events Calendar or contacting our program coordinator, Kelly.

Some of our past classes have included classes on holiday cooking, raw foods, baking, and many more dishes.

Film Screenings

Documentaries and movies present unique insights for viewers of the animals’ plight in a way that words and photographs perhaps cannot.

As film is such a powerful tool, we utilize it often. One of the ways we do this is through regular showings of quality documentaries and screenings. This provides viewers an opportunity to discover at more depth the complex lives of other animals or the wretched conditions of factory farms. Not all the films we show are of such a heavy nature, rather they are stories of hope and inspiration.

We have an archive of online videos on a range of topics related to animal issues and vegetarianism.

Films that we have screened include:

  • Peaceable Kingdom
  • The Witness
  • Earthlings
  • The Emotional World of Farm Animals
  • Chicken Run
  • Vegetarian Cooking with Compassionate Cooks

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