Farm Bill Action Alert for Senator Klobuchar‏

Please help us take action to prevent setbacks to animals welfare laws across the country, including MN, by calling Senator Amy Klobuchar and letting her know that provisions in the new Farm Bill are unacceptable.

There perhaps has never been a more urgent need to call Senator Klobuchar. Right now, the House farm bill contains language that could nullify state laws protecting millions of animals from animal cruelty among other things. Written by Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King, it would put our laws banning puppy mills, horse slaughter, shark finning, dog meat sale, and gestation crates (and dozens more) all in jeopardy.

The House and Senate versions of the farm bill are about to be combined via a Congressional conference committee. While the House version has the King language, the Senate version does not. It's key that we make sure the King segment is dropped prior to the final bill being approved. Please call Senator Klobuchar's office (she is on the conference committee) and leave a message urging her to strip the King provision from the farm bill. Her office number is 202-224-3244.

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