Their Lives, Our Voices Speakers Announced

The 2013 Their Lives, Our Voices animal advocacy conference features a great collection of speakers. Find out what they're talking about here!

Their Lives, Our Voices is back! The renowned animal advocacy conference is being rebooted for 2013. This year's event will feature presentations from 11 leading animal advocates covering a broad range of topics. The day begins with a keynote from Nathan Runkle of Mercy for Animals, "Building a Kind Future: How You Can Make a World of Difference for Animals". Thanks to Nathan's leadership and the groundbreaking undercover work done by Mercy for Animals, millions of consumers have seen firsthand the plight of animals in factory farms. Following Nathan's keynote, speakers will be divided into two tracks.

At 11:00, Minnesota Voters for Animal Protection founder and president Christine Coughlin will share her expertise in leading effective political and lobbying campaigns. Jessica Tritsch of the Sierra Club will discuss developing effective volunteer leadership teams, including recruiting volunteers, establishing roles and goals, and maintaining ongoing engagement.

At 1:00, University of Wisconsin-River Falls professor Greta Gaard will present on the intersection of animal welfare, feminism, and human rights. Nick Cooney, founder of The Human League and Compassionate Communities Manager for Farm Sanctuary and author of the excellent Change of Heart, will review the latest research in psychology and communication studies to help identify the most effective ways to inspire behavioral change.

At 2:00, CAA co-founder and Executive Director Unny Nambudiripad will provide a how-to on planning engaging and effective events. Suzy Sorensen, owner of Move2Veg Nutrition Counseling, will highlight up-to-date, science-based nutritional information that every activist needs to know to speak convincingly on plant-based and vegan diets.

At 3:00, Michelle Rosier of the Sierra Club will provide insight on leading effective grassroots campaigns, including setting goals, determining targets, identifying key stakeholders, and assessing results. CAA co-founder and Board Member Dave Rolsky will discuss CAA's strategy and vision in the pursuit of animal liberation.

The final speakers of the day will be Bridges of Respect Program Coordinator Shannon Kimball and St. Catherine University professor Jeff Johnson. Shannon will highlight the effectiveness of humane education and outreach to schools. Jeff will examine alternative messaging strategies used when discussing animal welfare.

Whether you're a seasoned vet or just finding your footing as an animal advocate, you can be sure there's plenty to learn at this year's TLOV. Why wait? Register today! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and invite your friends! And all volunteers get free admission to the conference. Take a look at the website to see if any available positions work for you.

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