Vegan Meet Up at InfusedLife Plant Based Emporium

On a brisk winter evening I had the pleasure of joining a vegan meet up at InfusedLife Plant Based Emporium. On this particular day I had called ahead and ordered a spiced rum apple pie! Made with pecan crust, with delicious spiced apples at the center, topped with a grain free granola with more pecans coconut and almonds.

Often living a plant-based lifestyle means you have to pay attention to ingredients in your favorite treats but when that sweet tooth craving hits you must obey and finding delicious plant-based sweets can be daunting in Minneapolis. It was such a wonderful experience walking into the warm establishment with all the eye grabbing artwork to the smell of delightful dishes. When I seen Infused Plant-Based Emporium were offering pies during the holiday season I could not wait to taste this pie posted on their Instagram @infusedlife.

So much that I instantly called to pre-purchase my spice rum plant base pie only to find out that they wasn’t open today and I had to wait till tomorrow!!! It was a delight to stumble upon the vegan meet up.

The owner, , was happy to have a store full of guests and was skilled in delivering Customer Service, welcoming us all and making each one of us feel her welcoming arms.

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