2004 Annual Report

2004 marked a year of monumental growth and expansion for Compassionate Action for Animals. We have brought the message of compassion to tens of thousands by promoting vegetarianism. Each new vegetarian has the potential to save thousands of animals from a lifetime of suffering and eventual death. Through this outreach and your help, CAA has turned into a powerful force of compassion towards animals in Minnesota.

Food Giveaway 2004We expanded our college outreach program to include eleven schools beyond the University of Minnesota, including Hamline, St. Thomas, and Macalester. Through this program, we distributed to students tens of thousands of brochures on vegetarian eating.

Carol Adams 2004At the University of Minnesota, we increased the debate on animal issues by bringing noted speakers such as Carol Adams and Tom Regan to the campus, drawing hundreds of people. As part of a week-long series of events, we showed the provoking and powerful film Peaceable Kingdom to over 170 people. Almost 350 people pledged to be vegetarian or vegan during that week, many of whom are still vegetarian or vegan today.

Greg Oschwald LeafletingIn an effort to reach out to as many youth as possible, we staffed information tables and distributed brochures at concerts and festivals throughout Minnesota, exposing thousands to the shocking reality of factory farming.

None of our work on behalf of animals would be possible without your support. As an all-volunteer, effective organization, every dollar you donate to CAA and every hour you help is put to good use spreading a message of compassion for all.

Thank you for your help in making this our best year yet,

Your friends at CAA

2004 by the numbers

  • Gave students brochures on vegetarian eating at 12 colleges and three high schools.
  • Maintained a strong presence at the University of Minnesota, Minnesota’s largest school, by staffing information tables and handing out brochures at least weekly during the school year.
  • Distributed more than 60,000 brochures on vegetarian eating throughout the Twin Cities.
  • Mailed more than 460 Vegetarian Starter Kits upon request.
  • Brought five speakers to the University of Minnesota, including Tom Regan and Carol Adams, who both drew hundreds of people.
  • Aired 30 hours of undercover footage from factory farms and slaughterhouses on cable television in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park.
  • Introduced 2000 people to vegan food at feed-ins and food giveaways.
  • Provided samples of cruelty-free products to over 600 people.
  • Handed out brochures at more than 30 concerts.
  • Put up six pro-vegetarian display cases in the student union at the University of Minnesota.
  • Were featured four times in Minnesota Daily and once in the Wake.
  • Had two op-eds and seven letters published in the Minnesota Daily.
  • Doubled the number of restaurants and businesses in VegGuide.Org, our world-wide guide to veg eating and shopping, ending the year with almost 1200 entries.
  • Held over twenty events to build a vegetarian and vegan community in the Twin Cities, including cooking demos, potlucks, book groups, and vegetarian athletic events.
  • Launched ExploreVeg.org andTeamVeg.org.

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