Laura Matanah, Executive Director

Laura leads Compassionate Action for Animals’ efforts to encourage people to cultivate empathy for animals and move toward a plant-based diet. Prior to becoming executive director, Laura frequently enjoyed CAA’s community-building events. She brings experience in nonprofit strategic planning, program development, and program evaluation, as well as fundraising, working toward racial equity, and developing volunteer management systems. Laura also enjoys being outdoors, family time, whole-foods cooking, board games, and reading. You can read a more extensive personal profile of her on our blog.

Justin Leaf, Communications & Events Coordinator

A volunteer for Compassionate Action for Animals since 2005, Justin has participated in planning the Their Lives, Our Voices conferences, raised funds, distributed literature, and helped with administrative tasks. Through his work as a performance artist and dance teacher, Justin has gained extensive experience in event planning and communications. He merged his passion for vegan advocacy with his performance background in Mistress Ginger Cooks: Everyday Vegan Food for Everyone, a vegan cookbook published by Book Publishing Company in 2014. As Mistress Ginger, Justin has given vegan cooking demonstrations at Twin Cities Veg Fest, Fargo-Moorhead VegFest, Portland VegFest, and on YouTube. Justin began working full-time for CAA in May of 2014.

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Brita Bengtson, BookkeeperBrita

Brita has been volunteering with CAA in 2011, taking on the role of Advertising and Media Outreach Coordinator for our first annual Twin Cities Veg Fest. She moved on to be the Social Media Coordinator a couple years later and has coordinated the success of the festival’s Facebook and Instagram pages. When she’s not working with CAA, Brita has a job helping people with disabilities with their daily activities. She also enjoys finding creative ways to make vegan food and has three cats. Brita began her part-time position as Bookkeeper for CAA in January of 2016. Learn more about Brita in this blog post.

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