Outreach with CAA at Eco Fair

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Saturday, June 15, 2024
9:00am - 1:00pm

Como Park

Volunteer to do Outreach at Eco Fair 2024 Powered by Donate Good Stuff

We’re tabling at this local eco event to help bring awareness to CAA while taking opportunities to promote plant-based living!

Help make our Outreach Table an experience! We will get creative with engaging patrons with a spinning wheel to gamify animal rights education, invite patrons to Veg Fest, and we will collect signatures for our current petitions.

To secure your spot, simply register at this link. Shifts for staffing our Outreach Table are either 9am – 11am or 11am to 1pm. Don’t miss out on this valuable outreach experience, as seats are limited. We’ll contact you and share phone numbers to be sure it’s easy to reach each other on the day of this fair.

What is Eco Fair?

Eco Fair 2024 is a festival that takes place on Saturday, June 15 at the Como Park Pavilions in Saint Paul. You may want to plan time to walk around the event before or after your volunteer shift.

Volunteering at Eco Fair

**Wear Green** At the event, we’ll be tabling between 9am and 1pm. Each volunteer shift is just a few hours long. Volunteers will engage attendees in discussing how to make our diets more humane by moving towards plant-based eating. They will also invite interested people to take the Explore Veg Challenge.

At the table, we’ll have a spin-the-wheel game where attendees guess an answer to a question about the ways animal agriculture harms individual animals.  Sample spin wheel questions include:

  • How many square feet of space are chicken farmers encouraged to provide for each chicken?
  • Pigs’ tails are part of their spine and have many nerves. What percentage of pigs on farms have their tails cut off without painkillers?
  • Chickens like to sleep through the night just like people do. How many hours of consecutive darkness do farmers have to give birds to let them sleep?

There is also a set of kid-friendly questions that encourage empathy for animals. We use these kid-friendly questions when children stop by.

Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you have the answers! When you share the correct answer it helps them see the impact of their diet on animals.

In addition, volunteers can help with measuring our impact by writing down comments from attendees during the event. We’ll provide a pen and notebook for doing so.

Who can volunteer?

All are welcome to volunteer and no experience is required. If you’re passionate about animal rights and/or welfare, or about helping people move towards plant-based eating, this event is for you. We’ll support you in how to do effective outreach.  

How can I sign up to volunteer? 

You can view the available positions online and sign up for a volunteer spot!

Support for Volunteers

We’ll reach out to you a few days prior to the event to confirm your participation.  At that time we’ll introduce you to the staff leading the event. You’ll get their cell phone number in case anything comes up day-of.

At the event, we’ll make sure you get a chance to know the staff and other volunteers participating in outreach. Then we’ll help you know what to say to attendees and give you spin wheel questions. 

Before your shift, after your shift, or during a quiet time in your shift, we’ll have a plant-based snack and a drink for you to enjoy. We’ll also have a first aid kit on hand.

Will I hear from you after volunteering at the event?

Yes! The staff leading the event will reach out to thank you and tell you about the event’s impact. We want you to know about the difference you made as a result of volunteering with us.

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Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) hosts many events throughout the year, including Twin Cities Veg Fest, Vegan Recipe Club, cooking classes, potlucks, outreach events, and so much more! If you can’t make this event, or just want to know about other opportunities to get involved with CAA, we’ve got so many ways to connect with the community, enjoy vegan food, and make a difference. Visit our volunteer page to see all opportunities!

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