Food Giveaways

Samping Coconut-based ice cream
Food Giveaway at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in 2013

Food giveaways are a mainstay of CAA’s vegetarian and vegan outreach efforts.

We think that one of the best ways to get people to consider vegetarian and vegan diets is to show them how scrumptious animal-free food can really be. Many people think that going vegan would mean they can no longer have their favorite foods, but with an enormous variety of foods – ranging from faux meats and dairy-free products to ethnic cuisine and makeovers of traditional dishes – a little sampling is all that is needed to dispel such myths.

University of MN Vegan Food Showcases

With donations from dozens of national companies and a variety of local businesses we are able to provide thousands of dollars worth of free vegan food to countless community members and University of Minnesota students each fall during our annual Vegan Food Showcase.

Students get a chance to try veggie jerkies, non-dairy chocolate, grilled “cheese” sandwiches, vegan ice cream bars, and much more. Most attendees at our food giveaways leave with information on factory farming, vegetarian diets, and how to get involved with Compassionate Action for Animals.

Some Past Food Giveaway Successes

  • Each year at Twin Cities Veg Fest we regularly distribute thousands of food samples in addition to the thousands more distributed by our exhibitors.
  • At Grand Old Day 2010 we distributed over 30,000 vegan food samples!
  • At our on-campus food showcases we regularly distribute 1,500+ samples to excited students.

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