Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge

The second annual Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge is this August! Inspired by Vegan Outreach’s Vegan Chef Challenge, this fun and exciting challenge brings new vegan diners to restaurants and new vegan dishes to diners!

Below is a sampling of the comments we received from voters in the 2019 challenge:

  • “I love this vegan chef challenge and appreciate all who participate!”
  • “The Vegan Chef Challenge dish was the only vegan item on the menu. We live in the neighborhood but always have to drive to a vegan destination. We’d frequent this restaurant if they added a few vegan options.” 
  • “It’s the best thing I ever had there. Very satisfying and balanced and colorful and just great.” 
  • “Might have been the best thing I’ve eaten all year. Amazing.”
  • “By far the best vegan food I have ever put in my mouth!”

The 2020 Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge is presented by Compassionate Action for Animals.

What is the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge?

Chefs and Restaurants create one or more vegan main dishes for diners to purchase, enjoy, and rate on a website throughout August. Some restaurants provide new vegan sides and desserts as well! Chefs and restaurants can sign up to participate below. Food trucks and food stands are eligible to participate as well.

Participating restaurants will be promoted via our Vegan Chef Challenge website, printed literature, social media boosting of the challenge, individuals posting about their meals on social media, and press releases to newspapers and television stations.

Last year the challenge was featured on Fox 9 television and covered by the Pioneer Press and several influential food blogs. Register by July 5 to get a discount and guaranteed listing in printed materials!

Diners are invited to visit participating restaurants throughout August, purchase the challenge dishes, enjoy, and then rate their experience online.

Post photos of meals you enjoy on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #tcveganchef and be entered to win a gift certificate from participating restaurants!

At the end of the challenge, a champion and other winners are selected based on the votes received, so the more diners share their experiences, the better for all!

Invite friends and family to join you in trying out all-vegan specials created for the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge. That’s right—you can help animals just by eating out with friends. If you or your friends want to try a full veg lifestyle, you can also take the fun and free 21-day Explore Veg Challenge to get email support and a restaurant discount card mailed to your home!

Participating Restaurants

Check back to see which restaurants will be participating in this year’s Vegan Chef Challenge!

Want to see a restaurant you love be featured in the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge? Share information about the challenge with them on social, email, or give them a call! All businesses registered by July 5 get a discount and guaranteed listing in printed materials! Restaurants that create new dishes will be listed in bold and get additional promotional opportunities.

Make sure to check restaurant hours and pickup information before visiting.

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