Silken Tofu Chocolate Pie

Recipe by Liz H.


  • 1 16 oz. package of semi-sweet chocolate chips (a vegan brand)
  • 1 8 oz. container of nori shelf stable silken tofu (not refrigerated)
  • a splash of soymilk (a tablespoon maybe)
  • a spash of vanilla (optional)
  • vegan prepared graham cracker crust


  1. melt chocolate chips on the stove, stirring frequently on medium heat.. add a little soymilk to keep them from getting to dry.
  2. put the tofu in a blender straight out of the box. no need to chop- before blending pour in the completely melted chocolate chip/soymilk mixture (it’s okay if it’s still hot).
  3. now, blend away on a high setting;
  4. you may need to help out a little with a rubber spatula buy scraping down the bits of tofu and choc. chips that get stuck to the side.. just keep pushing that stuff down from the sides with a rubber spatula to make sure it all gets blended well.
  5. you may add a tiny bit more soymilk if needed, but it will be too runny if you add too much.
  6. when finished blending it should resemble a chocolate mousse and be completely blended.. no specks of tofu of chocolate, it should be completely smooth.
  7. pour the tofu/chocolate mixture into the graham crust and spread evenly to make a smooth surface on top.
  8. chill a minimum of 3 hours, and you are good to go!
  9. totally heavenly with a vegan whipped cream, i might add 😉

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