Veg Week 2011 Cooking Class Wrap Up

By Kelly Curtiss

In the aftermath of signing a pledge to spend a week eating vegan or vegetarian, most students are curious about what to do next. Yes, grocery shopping is a must, but then what?

Fortunately, CAA has thought of everything to help out a new vegan. Annually, Veg Week holds a cooking class for new vegans; this year's class managed to fill the room. The presentation was given by long-time CAA volunteer Rachel, who themed her class with a fitting autumn feel. The dishes made were a butternut squash bisque, walnut sage fettuccine, and a pear and ginger compote for dessert, perfect recipes for taking home to an extended non-vegan family on Thanksgiving.

Vegans and carnivores alike enjoyed this presentation, and everyone agreed, once they tried out a sample, that the dishes were delightful to the palette. The mood in the room was very informal, with attendees asking questions whenever they arose, and throwing observations and ideas back and forth about different dishes they had tried themselves.

When asked if she enjoyed new cookbooks, instructor Rachel mentioned during the class that her favorite place to find new recipes and substitution suggestions is online, by browsing other cooks' food blogs. This way real people will tell you what worked and what didn't, and in an open forum manner, vegans from all over the world can discuss and shape the best new tastes. Any new vegetarian or vegan can find it difficult to stay fresh and creative when busy with school, work, and other obligations, but the best resource is always other people. CAA has an open door for anyone looking for new recipes and suggestions on where to shop.

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