Join us for US VegWeek

If you missed CAA's annual Veg Week last fall, you have another chance to pledge to be vegetarian for a week during US VegWeek.

Taking place April 23-29, US VegWeek is a great opportunity to join with folks across the country to eschew meat for a week. Pledge today and explore the benefits of plant-based eating. You can sign up for daily emails to receive free recipes, tips, meal ideas and more, and you can also sign up for our free VegWeek Starter Pack, loaded with everything you need to get started plus lots of product coupons! We're partnering with Compassion Over Killing to bring you this great opportunity!

Becoming vegetarian reduces animal suffering. If you're shy to commit to a lifetime of being meat free but curious about incorporating more vegetarian options into your diet, pledging for US VegWeek is a great way to start out!

Stay tuned for Compassionate Action for Animals' Veg Week coming this fall.

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