The 2013 Winning Chili Recipes are Here!

Perhaps you attended our 2013 chili cook-off and want to recreate your favorite one at home? Or maybe you missed out on the event and want to get a taste of the best? If you answered ‘yes’ to either then check out the top 3 recipes of the year!

This year’s vegan chili cook-off was an intense event with many delicious pots of chili vying for the title of 2013’s best vegan chili as determined by the magnificent judges at the event. Some of you who made it to the event may be itching to recreate your favorite pot of chili at home while those of you who missed out are likely suffering from a chili deficiency and are ready to whip some up at home.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make some amazing chili (who are we kidding, no excuse is needed to make vegan chili), we now have the recipes from the top 3 competitors at this year’s event ready for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own kitchen!

  • Betsy Born took first place this year and her chili recipe is sure to warm you up on a cold winter night or even a cool spring or fall evening!
  • Jacob Carrigan took second place with his Mexican-inspired chili recipe that will have you wanting to dance the salsa!
  • Third place this year went to Patrick Mullen with his pepper-packed holy moly chili recipe that incorporates a little beer and chocolate for good measure!

We hope you enjoy these chili recipes as much as we did! If you think you can top these be sure to check out the experience of one of or first-time competitors and then be on the lookout for our 2014 competition!

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