The Circle of Care: Sustaining Change

Want to make a lasting difference for farmed animals? Consider joining our Circle of Care and becoming a recurring donor.

With your monthly contribution, Compassionate Action for Animals can continue doing the work of raising awareness, building community, and nurturing advocates in the Twin Cities region. These activities have a powerful, cumulative effect, ultimately sparing the lives of farmed animals through creating a community of individuals who make conscious, compassionate choices.

We’re sharing the stories of five such individuals today. Meet Suzy, Abraham, Yunuén, Theresa, and Sanchez. All of them are part of the Circle of Care, and they’re happy to tell you why.

Suzy Sorensen

Suzy Sorensen

Occupation: Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

What I love to do on a day off: Anything outside! Walking, working in the garden, watching birds and squirrels, reading on the porch…

Why I joined the Circle of Care: CAA has a growing positive impact on our community. Through varied activities, CAA achieves its mission of inspiring people to embrace their empathy and live more peaceful, compassionate lives. The world could use more of that. I know that being a monthly donor allows CAA to more effectively predict resources available for education, community building, and outreach efforts, allowing them to spread their message of hope and change.

Abraham Rowe

Abraham Rowe

Occupation: Campaigns at Mercy For Animals

What I love to do on a day off: Sit by a lake with a good book.

Why I joined the Circle of Care: CAA doesn’t only educate people about the tremendous cruelty in our food system; it also gives people a community to come back to, opportunities to continue learning, and resources for building skills. I strongly believe that CAA’s grassroots, welcoming approach is a fundamental part of what we need to build a more compassionate world.

Yunuén Ávila

Yunuén Ávila

Occupation: Human Services Representative at Hennepin County

What I love to do on a day off: Literally anything that involves spending time with my husband, Sanchez Brown, and my fur babies: Pinkie, Mai Sun, and Goose.

Why I joined the Circle of Care: I give to CAA because I honestly care about educating the public about veganism. CAA opened my eyes to veganism when I was a vegetarian and helped me take the next step toward a compassionate lifestyle. Thanks to them, I’m able to spread the same message to others.

Theresa Zingery

Theresa Zingery

Occupation: Community Education Manager

What I love to do on a day off: Long walk around one of the city lakes.

Why I joined the Circle of Care: I give to CAA because I feel strongly about its mission and its unique role in accomplishing very important work for the animals while helping people eat healthier for themselves and the planet. The work of CAA helps with many important issues that are interrelated, so I feel I can accomplish a lot with my donation.

Sanchez Brown

Sanchez Brown

Occupation: Director of Security with G4S Secure Solutions

What I love to do on a day off: Sleep in a bit, take my dog Pinkie to the dog park and then open up one of the probably eighty different vegan cookbooks I have, pick a recipe, add my own spin on it, and use my wife as the taste tester!

Why I joined the Circle of Care: I donate to CAA because of the mission and the passion. It’s the most noble cause to defend the most noble creatures. To stand up and fight for something you believe in is so inspiring and if my donation helps to allow people to do that, I’ll never stop giving.

Sign up to make a recurring donation of any amount and help create a compassionate community in the Twin Cities and beyond.

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