On returning home after the 2019 Animal Rights National Conference

Lydia with the rest of the CAA ARNC 2019 group (from left to right) — Julie, Josh, Abi, Laura, and Yunuén

Each year, the Animal Rights National Conference is held to connect animal activists so that we can share experiences and victories from the past year, ideas, and more with each other. We are a growing movement, and there is always room for us to work better together to change the lives of animals and the world for the better.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing reflections from other volunteers who attended this year’s Animal Rights National Conference. We can’t wait for you to hear about their experiences at the conference and what they learned!


Written by Laura Matanah

I always appreciate the chance to connect with and learn from animal activists from around the country, sharing both our joys and sorrows. I also really enjoyed being at the conference with Abi, Lydia, Yunuén, Julie and Josh, and getting to hear their reactions and perspectives.

I learned a lot from the VegFund sponsored Strategic Communications workshop and Aph Ko’s plenary speech on new perspectives on animal rights that I’ll apply to our work.

The successes we’re experiencing as a movement in getting vegan products to go mainstream is inspiring! 

Laura Matanah and Unny Nambudiripad accepting the VegFund Award

It was also inspiring to receive VegFund‘s award for CAA’s vegan activism with past director Unny Nambudiripad, and to have the 119 projects that we’d completed with their support over 10 years recognized.

I left with lots of energy to work with you to keep the momentum rolling!

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