Three Easy Steps to Making a Birthday Gift for Animals

Anabelle is a resident of Spring Farm Sanctuary

Would you like to celebrate your birthday by making a difference for animals?

You can make the biggest difference by getting friends to join you. Here are three easy steps. Every $250 raised could help spare the lives of an estimated 293 animals!

1. Set up an online fundraiser in under 5 minutes

  • Online fundraising page—We already have one set up for you! Click here to see it. Steps to set it up below. (Or use Facebook!)
    • A box will appear saying “Create a Fundraiser.” Click the green “Get Started” button.
    • Next click “Build Your Fundraiser” (Don’t worry, it’s already built.)
    • Then click “Okay” and you’ll see the fundraiser we’ve created for you.
    • Click “duration” on the left menu. Set the end date for your fundraiser. Then choose “Publish.” (Of course, if you want to make other edits, you’re welcome to.)
    • We’ll get an email letting us know you made the fundraiser. We’ll set up a match, as long as matching funds are available. If you need to contact us for any reason, you can email
  • Tip: It helps to make a gift of any size yourself before asking others. 
  • Tip: Setting up an online fundraiser can be done at any time, but you’ll be able to make the biggest difference for animals if you start two to three weeks ahead of your end date.
  •  Please be sure to thank each of your friends and family members who donate! You can customize the online fundraising page above with a thank you message and/or video. Social media, text, or email thank yous will also be appreciated.

2. Invite friends

  • It’s important to invite friends with a direct personal message.
  • Email/text/or direct message—Here’s a template to use:

Subject: Birthday Invitation

Dear Friend,

You know how much I care about animals. For my birthday this year, I’d like to invite you to join me in protecting them by making a gift to Compassionate Action for Animals. (link this text to your online fundraiser). 

The first $250 I raise will be matched by other supporters!

I’m doing this because…(fill in your reason here).

Thanks so much for considering my birthday wish to make the world a more compassionate place.

In friendship,

Your Name

3. Remind friends by posting on social media

  • Images are important. Photos of you and animals are best to use. We also have animal images you can use below.
  • Always include a link to your online fundraiser.
  • If you created a fundraiser on Facebook, be sure to post both within the fundraiser and on your own page.

Sample text:

Help me celebrate my birthday by making a gift to protect animals!

My birthday is coming up, and all I want is to make a difference for animals like x (name of the animal in your photo). You can help me by making a gift here (link to fundraiser).

It’s almost my birthday and I want to celebrate by raising $250 that will help spare the lives of 293 animals. Please join me! (link to fundraiser)

Happy birthday! On behalf of the animals, we really appreciate your generosity!

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