6 Ways to Care for Ourselves and Our Community

Two bear cubs peering at each other from opposite sides of a tree trunk: “Check in on each other” | Ricardo Levins Morales

Part 1

All of us are struggling with the new reality of life with COVID-19.

Here is the first in a series of tips for taking care of yourself and our community of human and non-human animals during this uncertain time.

  1. Take care of basic needs and what you can control 
    • Find ways to continue practicing compassion for yourself and others. Our online events, and other ideas below, may help.
  2. Stay physically active
    • The downward dog yoga app has been made free during the crisis. You can also check out yoga videos on YouTube and see if your local studio is offering any virtual practice. 
      • Remember that teaching is a main source of income for many yoga teachers and other fitness instructors and they, along with other independent contractors, are being impacted by closures. If you can, lookout for ways to support those offering online classes.  
  3. Maintain community
  4. Cook good food
    • Have regular meals and hydrate. 
  5. Pursue hobbies. Here are some of Laura’s.
    • I enjoy learning guitar with Yousician, which also supports voice and other instruments. I just discovered iNaturalist, an app that can both help identify plants and animals and help you contribute to science. Though the public libraries are closed, you can still read ebooks from the Hennepin County Library system. I also like to meditate with the Insight Meditation Timer
  6. Remember the animals

Let’s think about how we can do everything in our power to benefit the well-being of all animals, human and non-human, as we move through this crisis.

There is a silver lining. As awful as this is for humans, most wild animals aren’t being impacted by the virus. There are benefits to both wild animals and our climate from our reduced air travel and resource consumption. As just one example, air quality has noticeably improved in many places.

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