Breaking News: Supreme Court Sides with Animals in Historic Prop 12 Decision!

On May 11, 2023 the U.S. Supreme Court sided with animals, upholding Prop 12 despite fierce industry challenges.

It’s an enormous step forward for animals. 

Prop 12 was passed by voters in California, and requires that all meat sold in California meet animal welfare standards. 

Specifically, it says that pigs, calves and hens raised for food need to have enough space to turn around.

It’s far reaching because it impacts the living standards of animals across the country whose bodies might end up on California grocery store shelves.

Help us increase the impact of this decision in Minnesota by signing our petition for a moratorium on factory farming. If you’ve already signed, please share the link with a friend by hitting the “Like” or “Tweet” button below or texting the petition link to a friend.

Prop 12 happened in California because voters signed a petition putting the measure on the ballot. 

Our petition is the first step in educating Minnesota legislators and the public on the issues. We already have over 200 signatures and want to have at least 1,000 to share.

Thanks for being one of the people who helps make change happen!

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