CAA Student group and partners protest U of MN experiments on kittens: 36,000 petitions delivered

May 2, 2023

On April 28, a protest against cruel kitten experiments was held at the University of Minnesota. CAA’s University of Minnesota student leaders, Lady Freethinker, The Animal Rights Coalition, Feline Rescue, and other concerned community members made their voices heard. They delivered over 37,000 petition signatures to the University of Minnesota.

A hardy bunch of protesters chanted their way from the student union to the president’s office. They were inspired by student leaders who outlined the horrific experiments. Protestors were able to deliver the large stack of petitions to staff to convey to the absent president. View the recording of the live Facebook feed or Instagram feed to experience the event as it happened!

Marchers encountered many prospective students and visiting families on tours. Visitors had an opportunity to hear about issues they might then raise with the University. The high visibility from the protest along with the power of those 37,000 voices could have a positive impact. 

It is our hope that these horrifying animal experiments will become a thing of the past at the U of MN and elsewhere. They cost 9 million taxpayer dollars and resulted in no benefits to humans or animals. Just the opposite. For details on the horrifying experiments view the petition that we delivered here.

The petitions had been sent electronically to the President’s office. The President declined to make any commitment to ending these cruel experiments. This was why the partner organizations felt it was important to stage a protest and deliver them directly. CAA’s student group leapt at the chance to take the lead on this.

Thanks to Lady Freethinker and our local partners for making this possible. And to all those who turned out to make their voices heard.

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