In Memory of Kristen: Sweet and sassy Farmaste Animal Sanctuary

August 31, 2023

Kristen came to Farmaste September 1, 2017. She spent the first half of her life as a dairy goat, being repeatedly impregnated and milked. Rather than be sent to slaughter once her milking days were done, she was given the chance to retire to Farmaste with her best friends, Beata and Clarice. Kristen spent almost exactly 6 years living her best life at Farmaste before passing due to cancer at 13 1/2 years old on Aug 29, 2023

Kristen loved sanctuary life. When she arrived, she was the top goat in her herd and enjoyed keeping her friends in line when needed, which Kristen thought was often! She was also the “representative” of her herd with the other species. She was often spotted interacting with Gertie, Moolan, and even the pigs.  Kristen was a tough girl, and she was certain she could take on a competitor of any size!  She had to let the animals know she was in charge first and then she would love on them forever. She was friendly with everyone she met, animals and humans.

As Kristen aged and younger goats joined her herd, she gave up her position as top goat but she never lost her sass. Kristen knew her own mind and could be stubborn, but she was also loving and loyal. She would go to bat for her friends. She loved a snack and scratches from her human friends. She always made people laugh with her silly antics—she loved to cause a little mischief.

It is hard to imagine Farmaste without Kristen and her unique combination of sweetness and sass. She will be missed greatly by her human and goat friends to whom she was closely bonded. Farmaste says of Kristen, “She made the world a better place and we are grateful for the 6 years we were allowed to get to know her.”

Much thanks to Farmaste for sharing this story about sweet Kristen with us. And for sponsoring the Farmaste Fun Zone at Twin Cities Veg Fest!

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