Talking About Veganism: Tips For Outreach & Beyond

Saturday, June 1, 2024
2:00pm - 3:00pm

With our many upcoming outreach events, it’s a great time to learn more about how to effectively communicate about animal issues! Whether you’re considering volunteering for an outreach event, have volunteered before, or are just looking to learn more about communicating around animal issues, this training is for you.

What will be covered at the event?

A volunteer talks with passerby at a 2022 festival.

We’ll meet over Zoom for a presentation, and then split into small groups or pairs to practice responding to common questions. We’ll cover:

  • Tools CAA uses to help start conversations and share information;
  • Language choices and questions that help conversations open up;
  • Common questions, and how to answer them;
  • Actions CAA offers for people to take;
  • and more!

How can I participate? 

Register in advance to get the Zoom link. Then, join us via the Zoom link at 2pm!

Who’s welcome? 

Everyone is welcome to join! The information in the presentation will be useful to you, whether you’re talking to people about your diet in your day-to-day life or volunteering at outreach events.

Get involved at other Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) events!

Compassionate Action for Animals (CAA) hosts many events throughout the year, including Twin Cities Veg Fest, the Twin Cities Vegan Chef Challenge, Vegan Recipe Club, cooking classes, potlucks, outreach events, and so much more! If you can’t make this event, or just want to know about other opportunities to get involved with CAA, we’ve got so many ways to connect with the community, enjoy vegan food, and make a difference. Visit our volunteer page to see all opportunities!

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