Vegan Food Showcase – April 2017

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Monday, April 17, 2017
7:00am - 5:00pm

East Bank, University of Minnesota

Samping Coconut-based ice cream
Happy recipient of a food sample.

As part of Twin Cities VegWeek, we’re hosting our 12th Annual Vegan Food Showcase on Monday, April 17. Help us distribute lots of free vegan food to demonstrate to the University community just how tasty vegan food can be and get people to sign up to take the VegPledge for VegWeek. We’ll be outside by the bridge that connects the East Bank and West Bank.

We need volunteers from about 7:00am to 5:00pm that day. Contact us to sign up for a slot. We especially need volunteers between 10:00am and 2:00pm, while the food is being distributed, but we could also use help before or after the event for setup or cleanup. You can RSVP on the Facebook event page (link forthcoming!) and invite your friends to join us.

Food giveaways are among our most fun and effective outreach programs. Sharing delicious vegan food such as veggie burgers and nondairy ice cream, we’re able to advocate for animals and put a smile on the faces of those who get to enjoy the samples. Volunteer help to make this food giveaway a big success.

Check out the position descriptions below. If you’re interested in helping out, email Laura Matanah at

Haul Supplies from the Community Space (7am to 9am)

  • Benefits: Provide the logistical backbone for an amazing event.
  • Requirements: You own a car, van, or truck and are able to lift heavy objects.
  • 3 volunteers needed

Setup (8am to 10am)

  • Benefits : Hang out with like-minded people while spreading the word about the event.
  • Requirements : You are able to set up tables and prepare food and may have large and legible handwriting for chalking.
  • 7 volunteers needed

Food Servers (1 to 3 hours between 9:45am and 2pm)

  • Benefits: Meet lots of people who will be happy that you are giving them free food and hang out with other CAA volunteers.
  • Requirements: You are friendly, hard-working, and careful in preparing and serving the food samples. You are able to work at a quick and steady pace and open to answering questions and distributing literature. Quick thinking may be needed to answer students’ questions.
  • 12 volunteers per hour needed

Leafleters (1 to 2 hours or more between 8am and 2pm)

  • Benefits: Share information that encourages others to choose plant-based foods.
  • Requirements: You are able to stand for one or more hours, smile, and offer leaflets to passersby.
  • 2 or more volunteers per hour needed

Photography (1 or 2 hours between 10am and 2pm)

  • Benefits: Meet other CAA volunteers and possibly sample delicious vegan food.
  • Requirements: You can take pictures of different aspects of the event. You must take a picture of the VegFund sign.
  • 2 volunteers needed

Cleanup (1:45 to 3:30pm)

  • Benefits: You can enjoy the leftover food samples and hang out with other CAA volunteers.
  • Requirements: You are able to take down tables and clean the area as needed. Expect to lift heavy objects.
  • 8 volunteers needed

Haul Supplies to the Community Space (3 to 5pm)

  • Benefits: Provide the logistical backbone for an amazing event.
  • Requirements: You own a car, van, or truck and are able able to lift heavy objects.
  • 3 volunteers needed

Leadership Positions (9:30am – 2pm)

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Benefits: Gain experience coordinating multiple people on a single project and coordinating an event that brings delicious vegan food to campus.
  • Requirements: You are friendly, hard-working, and are able to coordinate other volunteers. You are able to think on your feet if something does not go as planned. You help volunteers stick to their designated correct station on the day of the event.
  • 1 volunteer needed

Food and Supply Coordinator

  • Benefits: Working with like-minded CAA volunteers and gain experience coordinating supplies for a day-long event.
  • Requirements: You are hard-working and able to manage multiple supplies. If supplies are running out, you are able to plan ahead and replenish them as needed.
  • 1 volunteer needed

Leafleting Leader

  • Benefits: Guide other volunteers in their communication with the public.
  • Requirements: You have an understanding of our mission, experience with leafleting, and the ability to communicate skillfully with the public.
  • 1 volunteer needed

If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, please contact Laura Matanah at

VegWeek is a nationwide campaign empowering thousands of people to pledge to choose vegetarian foods for at least seven days as a way to discover the many benefits and flavors of vegetarian eating. Take the VegPledge and receive special deals, discounts, and recipes, plus tips and tricks along with a chance to win awesome prizes.

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